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Why we need honey bees in this world?

Why we need honey bees in this world?

Why we need honey bees ? ….. Buzzz… Buzzz….Off he goes darting past your nose, leaving you with a tremor! Buzzz…Buzz.. he coasts towards you with his pungent stinger, waiting to kiss your skin. No prize for guessing who I am talking about. At some point, I am sure most of you would have been terrified or irritated by honey bees. I think it’s the sound of the bees.

It’s the biggest turn-off, especially in moments when you are enjoying privacy, relaxing on your balcony against a pleasant sunset, or when you are sipping your hot cup of morning coffee, reading your favorite book. I am sure you must have felt, Ahhh.. how I wish this little fella did not exist.”  But do you know the importance of honey bees to the functioning of our ecosystem?

If honey bees did not exist, you and I may not find any food on our plates. That’s how important they are. Let me explain. Most of the agricultural produce depends on pollination, as more than 90% of the plants rely on pollinators to reproduce. Bees are important to agriculture as the fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, oilseeds and many other edibles that humanity consumes are a result of pollination. Pollinators are flies, beetles, butterflies, moths, and bees to name a few. 

Of these pollinators, honey bees are among the most numerous and efficient pollinator species in the world. Therefore, honey bees directly impact agricultural produce. In fact, effective pollination not only increases the quantity but also enhances the quality of the produce and thereby improving the overall well-being of humanity. Apart from providing highly nutritious foods such as honey and royal jelly, honey bees play a fundamental role in the production and consumption of food itself.

 Hence, the next time you see a bee buzzing past you, thank god that he exists! 

I hope now you understand why we need honey bees !

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Honey bees play an important part of our food eco-system. Without them humans will perish in about 4 years. So preserving this phenomenal creature is mandatory. This article, why we need honey bees was primarily intended to bring the focus on these special creatures.

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