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Cancellation Policy

We are constantly working to deliver your confirmed orders at the earliest. If for any reason you want to cancel your order, you will have to do so within 3hrs of placing the order for a full refund. For full details please refer to our Cancellation policy below           

  1. Cancellation within 3 Hours entitles you to a FULL REFUND
  2. Cancellation beyond 3 Hours and before Dispatch of the product will entitle you for a REFUND with a Cancellation Fee deducted
  3. Cancellation after your order is processed/Dispatched will entitle you for Return Policy. Please refer to our Return Policy for instructions.

If any or all of the products in an order are not shipped within a maximum of 5 business days, will be automatically cancelled and in such cases you will be entitled for the FULL REFUND. This REFUND will be initiated by Let’sLive immediately upon cancellation of the cancelled products.

A cancellation confirmation mail/text message will be sent to you once you cancel your order. Refund will be processed in 2 to 3 business days and amount will be credited within 15 business days subjected to the banking stipulations. The order cancellation can be viewed in Your Orders Page as well.

Our Cancellation Fee is 7% of the product price. We charge only for the specific product that is cancelled and not for the full order value.