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What is Coconut oil?

What is Coconut oil?

Coconut Oil

For us, Indians Coconut oil has a special place in our homes and our hearts. It is one of the most common oils to grace and grease our everyday lives. It's not only used for cooking but also used to moisturize skin, hair, etc. For many mothers and homemakers, this oil is a must in their toolkit

Let’s see what makes Coconut Oil so very special


Usually, coconuts used for extracting the oil are anywhere between 2 to 20 months. At Let’sLive, we work with farmers that are conscientious and use ecological & environmentally friendly methods of cultivation. Our coconut farmers are no different. The coconut trees are not sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides. Once the trees start to yield they wait for the nuts to fall to the ground, which means only ripened coconuts are picked for extraction. They are then broken and the coconut halves are sun-dried for copra

This copra is put thru a wooden press and the oil from it is extracted. The coconut meat that is discarded from the press still has nutrients and so is used as fodder for the cattle.


Coconut oil is ubiquitous in Indian households. It is very popular and for very good reasons. It is a versatile oil with several clever and practical applications. So What is coconut oil good for?

  • It is one of the popular cooking oils with a high smoke point. This means that it retains its molecular structure even at high temperatures
  • It increases good cholesterol
  • Coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of saturated fat. These MCTs are a quick source of energy
  • This oil is rich in Lauric acid which has anti-microbial effects against a variety of micro organisms. Not only that coconut oil is anti-bacterial too. Studies show that lauric acid may act as a bacteriostatic and also as a bacteriocidal agent. This is a substance that prevents and destroys bacteria.
  • It's one of those rare oils that's as beneficial inside as it is outside i.e it can be used to apply on our skin, hair, etc. Many people use it for cosmetic purposes to improve the health and appearance of their skin. Studies show that coconut oil can boost the moisture content of dry skin. It may also improve the function of the skin, helping prevent excessive water loss and protecting you from external factors, such as infectious agents, chemicals, and allergens
  • Coconut oil can be used to protect against hair damage. It penetrates deep into the hair strands, nourishes hair, and reduces breakage, which further strengthens the hair. Coconut oil is very good for your hair
  • It can be used as a mouth wash in a technique called oil pulling. Studies have shown that it improves oral and dental health
  • Coconut oil is a good source of antioxidants, which help neutralize damaging molecules called free radicals. This, in turn, helps ward off several chronic and degenerative diseases

With so many benefits and uses for Coconut oil, all that remains is to get it from Let’sLive! Why wait? Order your bottle of Coconut oil today!

About Let’sLive

Let’sLive is a social empowerment enterprise committed to enhancing and improving the livelihoods of tribal and farming communities. We work directly with small-scale farmers so that our customers can get access to products that are natural, pristine, and picked from the lap of nature. We encourage and provide advice for practicing ethical farming and eco-friendly methods to all those who partner with us.

At Let'sLive we are passionate about bringing in 100% all-natural and healthy products directly from the farming and tribal communities to your doorstep like Pure Raw Honey, Traditional varieties of rice, etc. We want our consumers to enjoy and have direct access to the products that are pristine and picked directly from the lap of nature. The mandates by which we operate are:
* Value every life around us by encouraging ethical farming
* Leverage local knowledge and promote legacy harvesting practices with high hygienic standards
* No preservatives or artificial processing on any of our products
* Each product can be traced back to its origins and the people involved in its making
* Educate consumers on the importance of consuming rich and natural local produce
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