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Siddha Vaidyam (treatment) – A cure for all diseases

Siddha Vaidyam (treatment) – A cure for all diseases

Siddha vaidyam is one of ancient method of treatment for diseases. It was predominantly practised in Southern part of India especially Tamil Nadu. As you all may be aware that Tamil is considered as one of the ancient languages in the world. It is said that various forms of medicinal studies were derived from this ancient science – Siddha Vaidyam.

So this is as ancient as our languages. History states that this was being practised in a continent called Lamuria which is now submerged. This continent lied between Sri Lanka, India and Australia. Due to tectonic activity, the continent got submerged.

Agasthiyar is considered to be the  father of Siddha Vaidyam, who then passed on this method to his disciples. The methods were written down in palm leaves which even to date is being deciphered.

Q) Can people who are undergoing treatment using allopathic methods, can they switch over to Siddha Vaidyam?
A) Many people have this confusion. First, if you undergoing treatment using allopathy, and if the symptoms and conditions prolong beyond a month and if antibiotics and steroids are being constantly prescribed, then it may be a time to re-think the options because knowingly our body is being destroyed by these chemicals. So under these circumstances, you can take up to siddha vaidhyam. The initial process in siddha vaidyam is to cleanse the system. During this process, the residual chemicals from the body which were left behind from the steroids, anti biotics etc., is taken out from our system. So you can parallelly also start this medicines or take it as a standalone system. There are no side effects.

In Siddha, food is considered as medicine, so most of the intervention is carried out using extracts from such foods like gooseberry, pumpkins etc..

Q) So what are the diseases that can be cured using siddha Vaidyam ?
A) Today there are about 4500 chronic diseases for humans and around 200 diseases for animals prevalent in the world. So for all these diseases, the Tamil saints have described in detail the nature of these chronic diseases and how they can be prevented and cured. They are written in classical tamil language.

Q) In case of emergency or ER situation, can Siddha vaidyam be used ?
A) During emergency situations, it is best the patient undergoes treatment through allopathy. They have the best intervention based on that particular situation. Although Siddha Vaidyam has a separate arm called – “Puranaaroor” which deals with intervention during emergency situations, but nevertheless allopathy treatment may be better suited for such situations.

Q) I have heard that food regulation is very important while taking Siddha Vaidyam treatement. Is it true ? Due to this condition, many people do not want to undergo this system.
A) Actually for any kind of medical intervention, food regulation is a must, may it be allopathy or Siddha or even Ayurveda etc… The food regulation is based on the disease one is having.
In Siddha Vaidyam, the food regulation can be broadly classified into 2 categories.
  1. Food regulation for disease
  2. Food regulation for medicine

The major condition of food regulation is foods that are hardy in nature like corn, dry fish etc.. which do not dissolve in water easily. So when these kinds of foods are taken, the medicine do not get easily dissolved thereby inhibiting the curing nature of the medicines.

In conclusion, Siddha Vaidyam is a permanent cure for the diseases. In Siddha Vaidyam, the symptoms are the subject of the intervention but the root cause. So keeping that in context, it may take a little time to cure, but it does give a permanent cure to the patient.

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