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Millets for Weight loss

Millets for Weight loss

Millets are one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates, are high in fiber, and have numerous health benefits.

Since whole grains contain a high amount of fiber and other bioactive substances, it is now well established that eating them regularly may aid in weight loss. Millets are also gluten-free grains and are suitable for all.

Types of Millets for Weight Loss:


Jowar/Sorghum is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, including flavonoids, phenolic acids, and tannins. The B vitamins are necessary for boosting metabolism and improving the condition of hair and skin, while magnesium supports the health of bones and the heart. Additionally, 96 grams of Sorghum include roughly 20% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. You can reduce weight while maintaining good blood sugar levels and digestive health thanks to its fiber content. According to research, conventional sorghum wax is high in policosanols, which lower cholesterol levels.


A traditional food consumed by many people in India, Ragi/Finger millet is an old grain. Iron, calcium, and vitamin B12 are all abundant in these small grains.

Due to its low Glycemic index and ability to maintain stable blood sugar levels, it is a fantastic diet for weight loss.

Ragi's high fiber content slow down digestion in the stomach. This helps in keeping you fuller for a longer.

Pearl Millet (Bajra):

Protein, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, and other minerals are all abundant in bajra, also known as pearl millet. 

Consuming bajra regularly can lower the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, and numerous cancers, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and stave off against asthma.

When trying to lose weight, millet based diet is one of the greatest options available due to its low-calorie count. Its fiber content helps you feel fuller for longer while consuming fewer calories each day. 

Foxtail Millet:

Foxtail millet is a wonderful meal choice for those wanting to lose weight since it is high in dietary fiber and complex carbs. Low cholesterol, a healthy digestive system, and a strong heart are additional advantages of consuming foxtail millet consistently.

Semolina or rice flour are prominent forms of foxtail millet availability. It balances blood sugar levels and helps to improve the immune system because it is high in calcium and iron. 

Little Millet:

Little millets are a great choice for weight loss because they are rich in fiber and a variety of minerals. They aid in lowering the prevalence of obesity and overweight.

Although the little millet is small, its nutritional value is very high. B vitamins, minerals including calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium, among others, are abundant in them.

Little millet has 5.2 grams of fat, a good portion of which is unsaturated fat, which promotes healthy metabolism and, in turn, weight loss.

Kodo millets:

The protein and fiber content of Kodo millets are high while calories are low. It will therefore offer you a longer-lasting sense of fullness and stop you from bingeing on food. An excellent choice for the management of obesity, it can reduce alterations brought on by high-fat diets. Either for lunch or dinner, you can choose to eat Kodo millets.

Barnyard Millet:

This millet contains more dietary fiber than other grain, making a person who consumes it feel fuller, regulate their hunger pangs, and naturally aid in weight management. Because of this, you may start including it regularly in your diet to reap the benefits.


Studies have shown that millets have fewer calories but give the body the energy it needs. It makes you feel light yet fuller longer. When you start eating foods with fewer calories, the fat that is already stored in your body is burned up to produce the energy you need, preventing the buildup of fat in your body. Therefore, those who are on a weight-loss program can and should consume millets as part of their daily diet.

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Let’sLive is a social empowerment enterprise committed to enhancing and improving the livelihoods of tribal and farming communities. We work directly with small-scale farmers so that our customers can get access to products that are natural, pristine, and picked from the lap of nature. We encourage and provide advice for practicing ethical farming and eco-friendly methods to all those who partner with us.

At Let'sLive we are passionate about bringing 100% all-natural and healthy products directly from the farming and tribal communities to your doorstep like Pure Raw Honey, Traditional varieties of rice, etc. We want our consumers to enjoy and have direct access to the products that are pristine and picked directly from the lap of nature. The mandates by which we operate are:
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* Each product can be traced to its origins and the people involved in its making
* Educate consumers on the importance of consuming rich and natural local produce

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