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Millet Farming - Madurai | Tamil Nadu

Sriram and Lavanya who created a successful construction business in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, ventured into agriculture who have now created a brand for themselves. They have taken a vow to create a sustainable organic farm whereby every produce that comes out of the farm will be naturally farmed and completely non-gmo.

According to them:

My name is Sriram. I am a mechanical engineer but involved in civil works -  construction. My wife’s name is Lavanya and she is an architect. We were all involved in construction business. This is my father’s property and since i also have interest in agriculture i thought of doing a different kind of agriculture. Mainly my idea was to use automation and do organic farming. Its been now 3 years.

We have started this with the idea of doing this as a sustainable integrated farming. Initially we started the dairy farm. Then with the milk, we did a lot of value added products like ghee, paneer etc..We did all this in a traditional way. We cultivated the fodder from our farms itself. Then the cow dung is used for manure in our own farms. We have put up a bio gas plant and the slurry from that is also used in organic farming.

Here we do different types of millets, pulses, oil seeds, coconut, amla, moringa and other horticulture crops. The processing of all the above produce are done in this farm itself to avoid transportation overheads. The waste generated by these processes are also used as fodder for the cattle. The grains are processed,  value add products are created and sent to the market.

We have implemented a small agricultural process here. We use only rain fed water. We try to avoid using groundwater as much as possible. This method dates back to hundreds of years, where people created small ponds in different parts of their land and store water. We use solar energy for most of our energy needs. Currently we are cultivating in 25 acres of land, and we will slowly expand as we refine our process. I do not like open irrigation, i use as much as stored water. In this area, coconut, amla and other horticulture crops. Local vegetables like tomato, chilli are common here. Whatever is the local crop, we cultivate it here.

Let’s Live procures all the millet varieties from Mr. Sriram. It is absolutely organic, non-gmo and are naturally farmed.

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