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Is your smartphone affecting your health

Is your smartphone affecting your health

How can smartphone affect one’s health

Affecting neck muscles - text neck syndrome:
Have you ever been aware of how much time in a day are you engaged with your smartphone? All that time, the neck is curved down causing tightness and spasms. Overuse results in nerve pain that affects your back, shoulder and arms. But there is nothing much we could do these days/ Phones have become a part of us. So relax a bit. Do stretching exercise to loosen your neck, arms and back.

Text and Drive:
Just don’t do it. Sending a text takes your attention. That seems so quick. But it’s not harmless. At 55 km/h, your car goes about length of a football field - more than enough space to cause a serious car wreck. Scientists figure this means you may be as much as 23 times more likely to crash. 

Talk and Drive:
Many people think it is safe to talk on phones while they are driving. They feel that they are in total control. It is a cause for more than 20% of all vehicle crashes in a year. If you really wanted to take a call, just stop your vehicle.

Surfing at night:
Too much of any light after the sun goes down can mess up your sleep, which is linked to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other health problems. And the “blue light” your smartphone gives off is especially bad. Keep your bedroom dark for better rest. You can also help your nighttime sleep if you get lots of natural light during the day.

Walking or talking:
You’re walking down the sidewalk and need to send a quick text. How long does it take? A few seconds? Enough time to trip and fall into a parking meter or car traffic. Just stop for a moment. Those seconds aren’t worth an accident. And it’s not just outside: The most common injuries happen while talking on the phone at home -- usually muscle and tendon strains, broken bones, and head injuries.

Cancer Risk:
There is no concrete evidence to show that smartphone causes cancer risk. But if you are worried about radiation, then be aware of the risks involved. Try to use speakers instead of constantly putting the phone to your ears.

Thumb arthritis:
Have you noticed that when you use your smartphone, your thumb is constantly bent. This pop can hurt. It happens when the sheath surrounding your thumb tendon thickens so that the tendon can’t slide freely. Lots of texting or typing on a cellphone, or just holding a smartphone tightly, can cause trigger thumb. The treatment includes cutting down on your cellphone use.

Cubital tunnel syndrome:
If you lean on your elbows to text or bend them to hold the phone to your ear, it can irritate the ulnar nerve at your elbow. This can cause numbness and tingling in the ring and small fingers, and soreness on the inside of the elbow or forearm. Cushion your elbow on hard surfaces. Don’t bend your elbow for a long time. Take breaks to move your arms in different directions. A night splint to keep your arm straight may help, too.

If you use your mobile phone very close to medical devices like pacemakers or implantable defibrillators, they may not work the way they're supposed to. The phones can even interfere with certain kinds of hearing aids. Talk to your doctor if you notice any problems with your medical device, especially if it happens when you use your smartphone.

Eye Problems:
The blue light that smartphones give off can tire your eyes very quickly and cause pain. It may even damage your cornea (the clear lens on the front of the eye) and harm your vision. If you notice these problems, it’s best to limit your time with blue-light digital devices like smartphones and computers, or at least to take breaks often to rest your eyes.

Sleep Disruption:
Constant use of smartphone can have an adverse effect on your health. Especially we tend to use the phone heavily in the night causing lack of sleep. This can have devastating effects to our health in the long term. So next time you are on the phone, be aware of the time and listen to your body.

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