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Is western food better than Indian food

Is western food better than Indian food

Comparing western and eastern cuisines reveals differences not just in nutrition but also in cost. For instance, if we look at India, the majority of the population prepares and consumes mostly Indian cuisine, whereas only a few consume western cuisine. There are certainly not many people who adhere to western diets. Dieters who adhere to the Western diet usually have higher grocery bills. People who consume Indian food will have a low to moderate food budget.

The majority of individuals claim that Indian cuisine lacks the necessary protein so we should discard it. The primary premise is that eating Indian food prevents muscles from growing, regardless of how much protein is present in it. Without the development of the necessary muscles, exercise performance won't improve. They believe that this is not a proper body composition 

Which is Best For Fat Loss: Indian vs. Western Food?

In essence, we can only consume the extra proteins found in English and Western meals by eating Indian food. When research was conducted in India, it was shown that grains, lentils, and cereals account for the majority of the country's protein sources. These are all excellent sources of protein for muscular growth in Indian cuisine. If we exclusively consume chicken and English foods, eating Western foods would result in weight loss, thus there is no reason for this.

Studies have shown that people's diets are changing, specifically an increase in the percentage of protein in their diets. When someone consumes chicken twice a week or compulsorily includes chicken, fish, or paneer in their daily meals, they increase their protein intake and become physically stronger.

That is the cause for Indians, but it is not because they lack access to protein-rich meals or are unable to consume them; instead, it is because they cannot or will not purchase them. If we compare the protein sources found in vegetarian Indian meals to western protein dietary sources, they are both equivalents. The only thing that will exist is weak information, not an increase in muscles or poor results creating a false impression in people's minds that is in no way true!

Indian food has advantages over Western food.

These are not at all Indian dishes; Indian foods include things like dal, rice, and paramannam. These fast snacks, known as "gup chup & Manchuria," are sold on the streets. OK, guys Summary: The video is about survival, and there is no question that protein sources are plentiful in Indian cuisine. Because of the whole grains, seeds, and lentils that make up our Indian cuisine, these types of cereals are available.

However, you should be aware of the combination and understand when, when, and how to use it. Do not contrast Indian cuisine with street food. There is no connection between Indian cuisines and street foods, yet the dishes we previously covered are street foods. Street food simply means street food. The necessary amount of protein is present in Indian cuisine.

Western food's drawbacks

  • A fast food craze

Scientists and nutritionists have been raising awareness about how eating western fast food increase the chance of developing diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks.

  • Decreasing immunity

Immune-mediated disorders are a result of the Western diet. The western diet is known for its excessive consumption and lack of dietary variety. The test buds place more emphasis on the sugar, salt, and fats that affect our nutritional system.

The benefits of western cuisine

  • Rich source of protein

Western cuisine is heavy in calories and high in proteins. Indian food, on the other hand, typically only contains carbohydrates.

  • Saves time and money

Western cuisine takes some time to prepare and consume. It is also reasonably priced for your wallet. Compared to eat-in restaurants, it is much less expensive.

Which is Better Between Indian and Western Food?

Leucine, the necessary amount of protein, is thus available from these. Our nutrients will function more effectively than usual for muscular growth. You must be aware of the combo strategy because Our Indian Foods contain a large number of proteins and also facilitate fat loss. So how can you set up a basic combo of Indian foods? I'll provide a link in the description with some straightforward examples. For example, we can mix rajma or dal curry with rice, or you can take with cabbage curry, so if you need it, you can see it and it will be good for fat reduction or muscle building.

Every meal in our Indian combination will be prepared as a magnificent supper; we did not make it; it was a dish that belonged to our forefathers, like cabbage or ridge gourd curry. As a result, whatever combination we come up with that includes Ridgegourd, Potato Curry, and Red Grams will be packed with protein and nutrients. For instance, the necessary probiotics will be present in any Indian Thali. Raita, Buttermilk Rasam, Bendakaya, and Ridgegourd are among the examples. Similar to this, all types of foods are covered and amazing nourishment is made and introduced by our India long ago.


Don't underestimate Indian cuisine, then. We can only grow muscles if we consume whey protein and western meals, and we can only get a physique if we take supplements. Don't worry about these words; if you consume Indian foods like white rice and dal curry, as well as white rice and broad beans and white rice and cabbage curry, you can build muscles more effectively than usual.

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