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How to get relief from Constipation

How to get relief from Constipation

Medically speaking, constipation is a condition in which defecation is difficult and occurs less frequently than twice every two days. One of the most common health issues, it can affect people of all ages, including newborns and the elderly. Almost all of us will experience this situation at least once but for most of us it usually lasts only for a short while. However, for many others, constipation can be a chronic bowel ailment that affects their quality of life and causes them to become dependent on laxatives. Constipation is a condition that increases the risk of hemorrhoids and other very serious conditions.

  • Take a sip of water:

Constipation is frequently brought on by hard, dry stools, which you can pass more easily and promptly by staying hydrated. Always strive to consume between 9 cups (2.2 liters) to 13 cups (3 liters) of water each day, but drink a few more when you're not feeling well.

To avoid dehydration and worsening of your constipation, replace a can of soda or a beer with a tall glass of water. 

Do you find it difficult to consume plain water? To boost flavor, add a lemon or other citrus fruit and this will make it much more easier to drink up

However, they shouldn't be used in place of water. Pear and apple juices, clear broths, and herbal teas can also help dry stools move along.

  • Workout:

Increasing your physical activity and exercise is another thing that will entirely solve your constipation issues. Your intestines will weaken if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, making it difficult for stool to pass through. But if you engage in activities like running, swimming, walking, and workouts, you'll stay in terrific shape and avoid all of these issues.

  • Lemon:

 Lemon, and more specifically lemon juice, is an excellent remedy for constipation. It decongests your bowels and restarts your digestive process. Half a lemon's juice should be squeezed out and added to a glass of warm water. Add a little honey or salt to it. Make sure you don't eat anything before drinking the lemon juice solution first thing in the morning. It may also be consumed in the evening. It will successfully help you feel better if you have stomach discomfort. So if you're wondering "how to stop constipation fast," consider drinking one cup of lemon juice each morning.

  • Have a snack of prunes:

 Prunes or dried plums are a tasty, high-fiber dessert. These tiny dried fruits have a powerful flavor and might stimulate your bowels. They rank as the best food for passing feces because they contain sorbitol, a sugar that naturally relieves constipation and encourages bowel movements. Eat a few prunes to check whether you have the urge to use the restroom after a few hours if you're having problems. 

About 3 prunes make up a dish, and each one has 30 grams of fiber.

Don't worry if a prune's texture makes you uncomfortable! Instead, consider consuming a small glass of prune juice.

Consuming too many prunes at once could result in diarrhea, so limit yourself to one serving at a time.

If you frequently get constipation, think about preparing your prunes.

  • Healthy diet:

When discussing a healthy diet to prevent constipation, fiber and water are the two key components. You should consume a lot of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds because the soluble fiber in these foods softens and increases the porosity of the stool.

Additionally, fiber makes the stool significantly heavier, encouraging bowel movement while retaining water to prevent dry stool from being lodged in the colon. Increased consumption of foods high in fiber and vitamins, such as nuts, sweet potatoes, papaya, bananas, cabbage, gourds, bean sprouts, and others, not only meets the body's nutritional requirements but also ensures that these foods have good laxative properties, which improve intestinal peristalsis and help to prevent and treat constipation.

  • Fennel seed:

Additionally, the fennel seeds are fantastic for treating stomach and intestinal issues. The fennel seeds need to be dry-roasted in a cup. Additionally, they must be combined with crushing before being sieved. After that, keep the powder in a jar and consume a half-spoonful of it each day with warm water.


You now understand the most efficient way to treat constipation. So, you can wake up without worrying about those annoying bowel symptoms. Or you don't even have to run to the closest pharmacy. It is impossible to remember all of the therapies, but try to at least keep in mind five or six straightforward ones that you may use. To maintain a clean, hygienic lifestyle and stay in shape.

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