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How to clean the oil bottles naturally for reuse

How to clean the oil bottles naturally for reuse

Oil bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and some of them are beautiful. Most of the time, these bottles are made of glass and can be reused once the oil in them is used up. However, you must remove any remaining oil from the bottle before you reuse them. Even good oil can go rancid, so you'll want to do this even if you're replacing the bottle with the same oil. However, oil-be-gone must be the order of the day if you want to use an oil bottle for something completely different.

How to Clean an Oil Bottle:

It can be difficult to clean an oil-filled bottle. Oil is a viscous, thick liquid that frequently adheres to container walls. The task appears challenging when you consider that a bottle's neck is often smaller than the body of the container. Do not, however, discard the bottle. It is possible to clean oil from plastic & glass bottles, and eliminate the smell of rancid oil from bottles.

Cleaning Glass oil bottles

You must first clean the empty oil bottle or any other glass bottle that had held oil if you wish to use it again. If you don't remove the remaining oil from the container, it could deteriorate over time, begin to smell unpleasant, and contaminate any fresh liquid you store in it.

But since water won't work, cleaning the bottle requires some expertise. Everyone is aware that water and oil don't mix. Additionally, a bottle brush or other cleaning tool might not fit inside the bottle due to its narrow neck. Use water, soap, and vinegar to accomplish this task. Start by pouring boiling water into the glass container and repeatedly emptying it to extract all of the contents. Next, add a few drops of liquid dish detergent and a teaspoon of vinegar to the bottle. Repeat numerous times after thoroughly shaking the mixture and draining the water. Finally, rinse the bottle under the sink's faucet until there is no longer any froth. To dry, hang them upside-down.

  • How to Clean with Vinegar:

Start by adding around 1 gallon of hot water to your sink to wash the essential oil bottles. You still need to be able to put your hands in it, so it shouldn't be too hot. But only as hot as you can stand.

White vinegar, 1/4 cup, is added. Nothing unusual about this; the store-bought culinary variety is perfect enough.

  • Clean with Soapy Water:

The sink should now be drained, but your bottles should remain in place. Refill the hot water in your sink. This time, create a soapy bubble bath using your ordinary dish soap.

Any remaining grease or gunk from the labels will be removed by the soap. Additionally, it will remove any remaining drops of the carrier or essential oils from your bottles.

If possible, get this soapy solution into every crevice of the sprays or other containers you plan to reuse. Any spray toppers get sprayed by me. In the following step, make sure you spritz them with fresh water once more as well.

  • Pour hot water to rinse:

Rinse your refillable essential oil bottles and remove any remaining soap traces from them. Instead of taking a bath, rinse with running tap water. Each bottle comes out much cleaner as a result.

Ensure that you also rinse your spray nozzles. Spray it a few times while holding the thin end under the running faucet water. This causes the nozzle to automatically fill up with hot, clean water and flush out any residue.

  • Dry the bottles:

Place your bottles outside to dry. Make sure they are turned upside down to ensure that there is no water left inside.

How to Remove Oil from Plastic

You may use the same method if your oil container is made of plastic. Dove dish soap is said to be incredibly efficient. If that doesn't seem to be effective, try adding 1/2 cup of household ammonia into the empty plastic bottle after measuring it out. Gently shake it, then wait 24 hours before rinsing.

You have it now! The only secret to cleaning and reusing your oil bottles is to use the above process. 

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