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Health benefits of Bajra

Health benefits of Bajra

Pennisetum glaucum, popularly known as pearl millet, is known in Hindi as Bajra. This widely grown grain is also known as dukn, cumbu, gero, sanio, kambu, babala, or bulrush millet in India. However, it is a staple meal in many developing nations. The crop is simple to farm and has a variety of healthy nutrients for the body. It is a good source of protein, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron, all of which are important nutrients.

Health Benefits of Bajra:
  • Abundant in Nutrients:

One of the main elements influencing bajra's appeal is the fact that it is nutrient-rich. People who cannot afford a variety of meals can simply meet their nutritional demands by incorporating bajra into their regular diets. Because of this, bajra is regarded as the principal diet of the underprivileged. That does not mean that those who can afford fancy imported dishes should reject Bajra. Consider its various nutritional benefits.

Bajra is a reliable energy source. They provide protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, polyphenols, and other nutrients. Typical millet protein is a good source of essential amino acids, especially those containing sulfur (methionine and cysteine). Bajra is regarded as the best plant-based protein source.

  • Antioxidant-rich:

Bajra has a lot of phenolic chemicals, particularly flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties.

In the body's defensive mechanism against reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are toxic by-products produced during regular cell aerobic respiration, antioxidants are crucial. For overall good health, a healthy heart, anti-aging, and the prevention of metabolic illnesses, antioxidants are crucial.

Since the lignin and phytonutrients in bajra are potent antioxidants, they guard against ailments associated with the heart. Because of this, pearl millet is regarded as beneficial for heart health. It has been demonstrated that the high magnesium content of pearl millet helps to regulate blood pressure and reduce stress. 

  • Excellent for diabetic diets:

 Pearl millets include carbs that break down gradually and keep blood sugar levels steady for a considerable amount of time. They are therefore a nutritious meal choice for diabetics.

  • Prevents Constipation: 

One of bajra's advantages is that it helps to maintain gut health. To put it another way, eating pearl millet will ensure that constipation stays at bay. The presence of insoluble fiber in bajra is the cause of this.

  • Provides vegetarians with protein: 

 Vegetarians cannot obtain the necessary amounts of protein from meat and fish products. Herein lies the value of pearl millets. Bajra has many health advantages, including its capacity to give vegetarians the necessary protein. When blended with seeds like rajma, moong dal, chana dal, etc., bajra flour is complete.

  • Lowers blood pressure:

 Bajra is renowned for having a high potassium content, which is important for people with high blood pressure. Increasing your intake of potassium-rich foods will lower your blood pressure by assisting your body in eliminating excess salt.

  • supports weight loss:

Because it has a lot of fiber, pearl millet can help with weight loss. The grain takes longer to transit from the stomach to the intestines due to its high fiber content. This prevents overeating since pearl millet keeps you full for a long time.

a treatment for those who experience regular acid reflux and stomach ulcers One of the few meals, pearl millet, lowers the stomach's acidity, preventing ulcer development and discomfort brought on by repeated episodes of acidity.

  • Pearl millet (bajra) is a grain-free of gluten:

Bajra is the ideal choice for those with celiac disease or those seeking gluten-free cuisine, like other millets. The small intestine is where celiac disease develops, and gluten is extremely hazardous because it prevents your body from absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat.

Gluten-sensitive people can safely consume bajra because it contains no gluten.

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