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Food as medicine series 4 :- Protecting the physical body and the internal organs

Food as medicine series 4 :- Protecting the physical body and the internal organs

How to clean this body using natural methods – lets take a look.

We should clean our body using water. The top of our skin contains billions of dirt particles. This can be easily cleaned using water. Under this layer is a layer of toxic salt waste which need to be washed off. This layer can be effectively cleaned using herbal powders which are available in the market. These powders are sucked inside our skin through the pores and can effectively clean the blood. Some of the elements that can be used are – Raw turmeric, Fenugreek seeds, rose petals, Tanners cassia powder, shikakai powder, soapnut, green gram dhal powder. These powders help to maintain the glow and tightness of the skin.

For a person to live a healthy life, he or she should cleanse himself in the morning itself before starting any work.

First thing one needs to do is clean his/her teeth. Creating a mix with the herbals such as:

  1. Kalnar
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Karisalai - Eclipta prostrata
  4. Thulsi
  5. Vellarai - centella asiatica
  6. Padikaram – alum

Mix the above herbs and make a powder. Use the mix regularly to clean the tooth and gums. Clean the tongue thoroughly to remove any unwanted dirt and other contaminants.

Next consume atleat 2 – 4 glasses of clean drinking water. Soaking tulsi in the water will greatly enhance the healing properties of the water, else drink clean filtered water.  It is very important to excrete the stool within 15 min of waking up. Else, due to general activities, the moisture in the tool gets evaporated and the stool thickens thereby making it difficult to excrete.

After the excretion process, one needs to perform Surya namaskar. Offering prayers to Sun activates all the nerves. 12 postures of bending enhances the spinal chord’s elasticity and makes the body more flexible. This practise has the quality to activate all the organs in the body.

Next performing yoga asanas activates individual organ of the body. It enhances the blood circulation to the particular region depending on the asana.  It helps in removing the toxicity from the organs. Individual organs integrate with other organs in the body to perform their activities effectively. Digestion happens effortlessly. Yoga asanas are the best and there is nothing compared to the efficacy of these simple practices that can be performed in the house itself. There are 3 types or modes of asanas – Standing, sitting, bending and lying down. You can learn these practices from a licensed teacher who will also explain the benefits of each asana as you perform.

Next sit in a open space where plenty of air is flowing through. Sit in cross legged posture and start breathing through alternate nostrils.

Use your thumb and block the right nostril. Take the breath in left nostril, then, using your small finger, block the left nostril and blow out the air through the right nostril. Again, inhale through the right nostril with the left nostril blocked and seamlessly blow through the left nostril by blocking the right nostril. This is one cycle. Continue this process for atleast 11 cycles. You can visit your nearby yoga center to learn more advance techniques of pranayama.

All sorts of cold related issues within your body like sinus, mucus accumulation, respiratory tracts will be clean.

Next comes cleansing of stomach, intestines and lower abdomen. Processes such as nouli, uddiyana bandha, Muladhara Bandha will help in regulating and cleaning the left overs from the stomach, intestine and rectum. These techniques have to be learnt from a licensed teacher.

On completing this process, sit down in silence with the eyes close. This will relax the body and mind. Activate all your sensory organs and activate the consciousness within you.

Regularly practising the above mentioned practices will keep your internal system in a healthy state.

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