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Food as medicine series 2 :- Process to prevent this body from degeneration

Food as medicine series 2 :- Process to prevent this body from degeneration

How to prevent this body from degeneration.

Kayakalpam is the process of maintaining the energy body at its peak. There are several ways to attain this. This magical knowledge has been passed on from yogis, Siddhars, medical practitioners who had lived alongside with nature.

Today with the advancement of science, television, mobile phones, communication devices, rockets are being used. Modern advancement through satellites and other microwaves we are able to receive and process the energy through various devices. Through these microwaves we are able to send and receive signals which are deciphered through audio and visual signals. In the same way humans possess the technology to receive and decipher the universal signal. This was experienced by our ancestors and are written down for us to experience.

In ancient times, humans, by way of disciplining the  body, mind, and integrating their entire energy of their body, were able to live a very conscious life. 

Elevating the mental consciousness, understanding every part of the body and its state of energy, they were able to use the life energy to its peak.

But today even for small things we expect someone to help us. Due to un-natural way of living, humans have lost the power to read this cosmic energy due to which the body has shrunk and has led to various diseases. The immunity level has gone down  which has led to living through constant medical care whereby the future has become a big question mark.

In the upcoming section we will look at how to remove the toxicity from the body, improve the blood circulation thereby improving the immunity. First of all we need to follow some basic rules and they are:

  1. We should make sure negative habits do not get to us. We should not consume any type of tobacco, alcohol etc.,  which are life negative things. Only people who are able to follow these basic rules should proceed further.
  2. For this body to survive, food is an important ingredient. This food that we eat should generate the necessary energy for the body, keep the organs functioning, keep the blood circulation and levels in check and help in preventing any kind of diseases. For this each individual should select the appropriate food that is necessary for his/her body.
  3. People should avoid consuming meat.
    The unburned fat from meaty products tend to lower the heart function. Over period of time, the cholesterol that is derived from the fat blocks the blood vessels which then tend to block the blood entering the heart. As you may be aware the blood cells to the brain is very narrow and the fat blocks in these nerves can have fatal effect.
    Not only non-vegetarian food, but also people who consume only cooked food and low nutrient food will cause water related, fibre related issues which will then cause anaemia and other blood related issues. 

Humans should know one truth - our bodies get fully developed between the ages of 20-22. After that there is no growth. Keeping this in mind, consuming the right food is absolutely necessary. Eating healthy and nutritious food, will keep our body and mind in a healthy condition which will lay the foundation for a healthy body high leads to healthy and happy life.

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