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Food as Medicine series 1 :- Life & Body

Food as Medicine series 1 :- Life & Body

For this life to exist, body is needed. Until the life exists inside the body, the body functions, else the body starts to disintegrate. For the body to function well, certain temperature has to be maintained. For maintaining the body temperature, certain foods which generate fire needed to be consumed. Consuming certain plant varieties which store Sun energy helps to keep the balance in the body.

But for taste we add salt, sourness, spicy and other tasty elements. Consuming non-vegetarian foods generate more fire in the body.

Likewise consuming cold related foods bring down the adequate temperature of the body creating an imbalance which leads to various diseases. Commonly available foods like tender coconut, lemons, highly fermented curd, black grapes etc., bring down the temperature of the body causing cold, fever etc. Therefore understanding the nature of the food is very important to maintain the balance of body temperature to avoid ailments.

Wearing breathable cotton clothes during summer and using woollen blankets during winter will help regulate the body temperature during the respective seasons. Doing yoga, pranayama and body exercise helps in increasing the body temperature. Meditation, walking, bathing in cold water, taking enigma, wrapping your body with wet cloth will reduce the body temperature. Living closely with nature is the only way to keep the body temperature in balance. Constantly sweating also keeps the body temperature in balance. 

Pepper, honey, dry ginger immediately increases the body temperature. 

Cummin seeds, <vendhayam>, villa, arugam Pul will lower the body temperature. 

People living in cold climatic conditions consume meat and food with high fat to increase the body temperature. Likewise people living in hot climatic condition should consume vegetables and fruits to help reduce the body temperature. 

Maintaining the balance of body temperature helps to prevent diseases.

A person should use his body to reach the highest peak of existence. But he gets entrapped in homely responsibilities - taking care of house, children and day to day office work whereby creating a limited existence for himself. This way the life becomes a limited entity. Both heaven and hell exists within a human being. It is said that all happy experience gets generated from top of the skull and all bad experience gets generated from lower part of the body. If a person pushes himself to be rooted in the lower part of the body, he will move towards destruction.

Humans in this day and age lead a very bad lifestyle leading to self destruction. Leading a materialistic life running behind power, money etc., whereby unnecessarily wasting the life energy leads to unfulfilled life. 

Crossing each step of ashtanga yoga leads to living a conscious life.  A person during his life time should understand the process of breath and understanding the science to control it will help in living a highest state of existence. But many misuse this amazing life process by consuming tobacco, nervous stimulant intoxicants and ultimately drive themselves to destruction.

When body and life is at its best of health, one can achieve anything in life. By leading a healthy life, one can raise their fundamental energy which is referred as Kundalini Shakthi. By raising it though the chakras and leading this energy to reach the skull will awaken a person and help him to live a conscious life leading to natural happiness and joy. By doing pranayam for a period o 12 years will raise this Kundalini Shakthi effortlessly.

Kayakalpam :- Kaya means body, Kalpam means that which does not die. Kayakalpam means the process of preventing the body from degeneration.

Through this series, we will find out what are the foods that will help us in this process of Kayakalpam.

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