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Exquisite GroundNut Oil | Cold Pressed GroundNut oil extraction


Balajee from Cheyyar, Chengelpet district explains how he uses only country, non-gmo seeds to extract groundnut oil.

According to him:

There are many types of groundnut. Some of you would have heard about 3 seeds, 4 seeds, 5 seeds, and 6 seeds. In groundnut cultivation, we primarily use the country seed. It is also known as small seed. There is also another variety called VRI2. These two varieties are primarily used by us. The aroma and taste will be very good. The nutrition value is very high.

Other variety used for oil extraction is JL, G9, G7. These varieties are primarily cultivated for oil extraction. These varieties do not carry much nutritional value. We heard that there are GMO varieties of seeds also in the market, but i am not aware of it.

When we look for seeds, we only go to the farmers who have the country variety. The seed are generally bartered., i.e i will give my seed to the farmer and he will give his. This is a age old tradition of doing farming. As mentioned before, we only go for country seeds as they are the ones with high nutritional value. I am the 5th generation farmer in my family. The reason we still take up to farming is because of the healthy, traditional food that we consume. That is why, as much as possible, we try to implement traditional crop varieties.

Our seed is organic, our farming methods are organically driven. We use traditional farming methods for cultivation. The seeds are immersed in Jeeva Amrutham. Once it sprouts, we then sun dry it for a month. Then the seeds are stored in warehouse for a month and then oil is extracted using cold pressed. That is how we maintain the aroma and taste of the oil. If you look at our oil, it will be yellow in colour. Today you get groundnut oil in different colours, but organically cultivated and extracted oil will be in pale yellow color.

The oil is extracted using the Vaagai bark. This is done so that the aroma, taste and nutrition is not lost during extraction process. Since this is all a natural process, the shelf life of our oil is only 6-8 months. Then after that the oil starts to get bitter. We do not use any kind of preservatives. So after extraction, we package the oil which our customers consume. The best way to check for oil quality is to experience ourself. If the oil does not create any digestive issues, then the oil is good. 

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