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Coconut Oil for Pregnancies

Coconut Oil for Pregnancies

Traditionally our forefathers maintained their health in large part by using natural products. One such natural fruit with numerous benefits accessible in various forms is coconut. Coconuts are dried in the sun and then pressed mechanically to extract coconut oil. 

Coconut oil is sometimes referred to as mother nature's breast milk because of its numerous uses and health benefits for people of all ages.

Due to its antifungal, antiviral & antibacterial properties, coconut oil can safeguard against the flu and the common cold. You can strengthen your immune system and maintain good health by using coconut oil.

In this article we look at the uses of Coconut oil pre, during and post pregnancy. Preparing and enduring pregnancy is a wonderful time and every little bit of support goes a long way. Lets look at how Coconut oil can be a good support system for you

Coconut Oil for Pregnancies:

Coconut Oil for Getting Pregnant

Did  you know that coconut oil helps with conception? Coconut oil has lauric acid that has beneficial effects on one’s health. It preserves vaginal health, which is crucial during the fertilization process. Additionally, it can maintain proper thyroid and insulin levels, which, in turn, regulate the amount of testosterone in women and promote healthy thyroid function. All these will boost fertility and thus help in healthy conception

Prevents Hypertension

Maintaining ideal blood pressure levels is crucial to preventing any pregnancy related issues. Exercise and coconut oil work well to lower blood pressure. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil has health benefits for lowering blood pressure. Consuming virgin coconut oil also stops nitric oxide from becoming inactive. Nitric oxide plays a key role in controlling blood flow and vascular tone. Consuming coconut oil thus improves blood circulation and lowers the risk of gestational hypertension during pregnancy.

Prevents blood sugar level

Pure coconut oil enhances insulin secretion and aids in blood sugar regulation. One of the critical advantages of consuming coconut oil when pregnant is this. A coconut oil diet helps prevent insulin resistance in both muscle and fat. The diet also stops the body from storing fat as a result of other high-fat diets with comparable calorie counts. Therefore, coconut oil during pregnancy aids in the prevention and management of diabetes by encouraging the efficient utilization of blood glucose.

Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the main issues that women experience after giving birth. They are unavoidable and are visible in your postpartum body, despite your best efforts to avoid them. Stretch marks from pregnancy can be prevented by using coconut oil. In certain circumstances, stretch marks can be lightened or even avoided by applying coconut oil to them. To notice the results, try using coconut oil as a moisturizer for your growing tummy.

Other benefits

Use of coconut oil during pregnancy can alleviate four common pregnancy problems: constipation, heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. This may be due to its anti-inflammatory and laxative effects.

Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS and other stomach-related conditions can be avoided thanks to the benefits of coconut oil for the digestive tract.

Healthy Pregnancy

When we consume coconut oil, the body may absorb minerals more quickly. Among these are calcium and magnesium, which are essential for the development of pregnancy in a healthy way.

Stress Buster

Stress is lessened by coconut oil's calming effects. In rare cases, a coconut oil head massage might help reduce stress and anxiety.

Relieves Nausea

You can get rid of morning sickness and nausea by consuming coconut oil

Helps with Breastfeeding

After birth, coconut oil supports with breastfeeding. A pregnant lady accumulates fat during her pregnancy to successfully breastfeed her baby after birth. Adipose tissue, which eventually develops into the milk storage tissue, is helped to develop by the lauric and capric acids in coconut oil.

Coconut Oil for Babies and Children:

  1. Eczema reliever: Infants frequently get eczema, a condition in which the skin becomes extremely dry and sensitive. The illness is known to have several origins and frequently gets better on its own as the baby gets older. While this is going on, it can be painful and possibly cause an infection if the baby scratches the itchy, dry skin. Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer that offers comfort and infection defense.
  2. Relief from Diaper rash: Diaper rash affects the majority of infants at some time in their development. Quick treatment from the uncomfortable and irritating rash is provided by coconut oil! It provides nourishment and treatment for irritated skin while acting as a barrier to stop it from getting any worse.
  3. Treats Cradle cap: Many newborns get the common infant ailment known as cradle cap in the first few weeks following delivery. The illness is distinguished by a flaky, dry scalp that resembles dandruff. Coconut oil is very beneficial.
  4. Treats Baby Acne: Baby acne is a different typical neonatal ailment. It is generally just a brief breakout that is thought to be brought on by the mother's hormones. To calm the skin and prevent infection, apply coconut oil.
  5. Brain booster: As a healthy brain-boosting snack, include coconut oil in your kids' diet.
  6. Skin Moisturizer: Due to its antioxidant content, coconut oil when applied on skin is a wonderful moisturizer. It is safe and healthy to use it on children’s skin.


In addition to being easy to digest, as previously mentioned, coconut oil also facilitates the assimilation of nutrients from your food. Therefore, when mothesr add coconut oil to their pregnancy diet, the unborn child will obtain more nutrients and protection. 

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