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Coconut oil for glowing skin

Coconut oil for glowing skin

Coconut oil is one of the best-kept secrets for beautiful glowing skin! Our grandmothers and mothers would swear by it for their glowing skin textures!

The nutritional profile of Coconut oil is what makes it an elixir for skin treatments. Dry, flaky, itchy skin? Massage in some coconut oil. Want natural Sunscreen? Rub in a pinch of coconut oil. Want to moisturize and hydrate the skin, treat burns & inflammation? It's Coconut oil to the rescue. Winter, summer no matter the season, Coconut oil is for all seasons!

Let’s see how Coconut oil can treat the skin and why its called a miracle oil

    • Treat chapped lips: The moisturizing properties of coconut oil can help reduce the chapping of lips and so can be used as a natural lip balm very safely
    • Reduce under-eye bags: Regular application of Coconut oil on skin under the eyes can help reduce puffiness and dark under-eye rings through its regular usage
    • Natural moisturizer: As mentioned previously, coconut oil has amazing moisturizing quality, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. 
    • Heal cracks in feet: Rub in some coconut oil into the cracks in feet to heal them quickly
  • Makeup Remover: One of the best all Natural and safe make up remover is Coconut oil. Just dab a pinch of it onto a cotton pad to remove the makeup easily from your face
  • Reduce wrinkles: Coconut oil may not be able to remove stop your skin from ageing but can definitely lessen the impact. Applying this miracle oil regularly can soften the toll your skin takes with age. 
  • Face Scrub: Mix in a spoonful of sugar in coconut oil and you have a safe, natural and chemical free face srub in your hands. Just massage it gently onto your face and wash it off after 15mins. You will have glowing skin!
  • Cure skin conditions: Due to it anti fungal and anti bacterial properties, Coconut oil can be used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, candida etc. Just apply some oil on the affected area to provide soothing relief
  • Soothe burns & inflammation: When applied on burns and inflammed areas of skin, coconut oil can bring in a lot of relief
  • These are only some of the benefits of Coconut oil. It is truly an elixir for the skin since it can be used not only for beauty but also to treat skin conditions. 

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