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Can Honey be consumed by diabetics

Can Honey be consumed by diabetics

The natural sweetener known as honey is a food. For tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years, humans have probably been eating it. Additionally, it has therapeutic qualities in addition to its sweet flavor.

It seems like something we ought to consume more of.

However, honey is really just sugar when you get right down to it. Many people view honey as unhealthy because we know that eating a lot of sugar is bad for you.

If you have diabetes, is eating honey beneficial?

In the past, experts used to advise diabetics to stay away from all added-sugar items. Some people now claim that eating them in moderation as part of a balanced diet is OK. However, it's crucial to track how many carbohydrates—including honey—you consume each day if you take insulin. You can use that to decide the appropriate insulin dose to use.

Keeping track of how many carbohydrates and grams of fiber you consume can also aid in preventing dangerously high blood sugar levels. Even if you take insulin, having high blood sugar over time might cause health issues. Limiting honey is a wise idea because of this.

Eating honey may help you produce more insulin and regulate your blood sugar, which is one advantage.

In light of the fact that honey is a source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory qualities, substituting honey for sugar can also be advantageous.

The body's ability to metabolize sugar can be improved by eating foods high in antioxidants, and honey's anti-inflammatory characteristics may help to lessen the difficulties associated with diabetes.

Insulin resistance occurs when the body doesn't react to insulin as it should, and it can be caused by inflammation.

Other Investigations into the consumption of Honey by Diabetics

Diabetics and honey

Several research has examined the inclusion of honey in the diet as opposed to only using it to replace sugar.

A 12-week study focusing on type 1 diabetics discovered that extra honey improved total fat mass, lipid profile (such as cholesterol), and short-term blood sugar levels (5).

Since long-term blood sugar levels (HbA1c) were not assessed, we are unable to determine whether such improvements had any long-term effects.

The type 2 diabetes study that lasted the longest was eight weeks. Long-term blood sugar levels did not decrease with the addition of honey, despite the fact that they also discovered advantages for lipids and weight loss (6).

On the surface, this makes obvious because, after all, honey is sugar. The results of that particular study, however, actually go against a lot of the available data.

When you take into account all the other human and animal research that combine honey with anti-diabetic medications, honey does not appear so awful.

Improved Diabetes Measurements

A 2017 review also looked at the relationship between honey and diabetics' blood glucose levels.

The following effects of honey were discovered by the authors:

When a patient has fasted for at least 8 hours, a doctor measures the patient's fasting serum glucose.

It raised levels of fasting C-peptide, an important factor in maintaining stable blood sugar levels within a healthy range and assisting the pancreas in determining how much insulin to release.

It raised 2-hour postprandial C-peptide levels, which shows how much peptide is produced after eating.


The consumption of honey can be beneficial and is a good alternative to conventional sugar, which helps you to stay fit* & healthy. The same may be preferred in diabetics too over conventional sugar. However, the same needs to be consumed as per the doctor’s advice.

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