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Benefits of drinking water and how much to drink

Benefits of drinking water and how much to drink

Fitness and overall health depend on staying hydrated, but many of us don't consume enough water daily. Approximately 60% of the planet is comprised of water, and roughly 71% of its surface is covered with water. If enough water isn’t consumed and if we lose more fluids than we take in, it will cause dehydration. Dehydration will trigger a host of other issues like dry mouth, fatigue, etc. It's easy to fix though! Just drink water from time to time!

Let’s look at why we should drink water and its benefits!

Benefits of Drinking Water

  • Helps increase your athletic performance

Insufficient hydration may cause a decline in your physical performance. This is crucial in hot weather or after a period of strenuous exertion. Dehydration could have a big impact if you lose even 2% of the water in your body. However, it is typical for athletes to lose up to 10% of their body weight from sweat. 

The body's ability to regulate its temperature may be hampered, and there may be less energy and more fatigue as a result. Additionally, it can make working out significantly more difficult on a physical and mental level. It has been shown that keeping hydrated to the ideal level might stop this from happening and may even lessen the oxidative stress that arises after strenuous activity

  • Improves your presence of mind & brain functions

 Your mind is strongly encouraged via way of means of your hydration status. Studies display that even moderate dehydration, including the lack of 1–3% of frame weight, can impair many elements of mental function. In a study, researchers determined that fluid lack of 1.4% after exercising impaired each temper and concentration. It additionally multiplied the frequency of headaches Many contributors of this equal studies group carried out a comparable look at younger men. They determined that fluid lack of 1.6% changed into adverse to running reminiscence and multiplied emotions of tension and fatigue,

  • Relieves constipation

Constipation is a common problem marked by irregular bowel movements and difficulty passing feces. The cure protocol frequently advises increasing fluid intake, but there are few studies to support this. Younger and older people with constipation appear to be at risk for low water intake. Increasing water may help reduce constipation as well. Drinking mineral water can be especially beneficial for those who are constipated. Studies have shown that drinking mineral water high in magnesium and sodium helps people with constipation by increasing bowel movement frequency and consistency.

  • Helps to lose weight

Water consumption is a key factor in weight loss. This is because of water on satiety and metabolism.  According to some research, drinking more water can help you lose weight by a little bit raising your metabolism, which can raise the number of calories you burn each day. 

In 2013 research of 50 overweight young women, it was shown that by adding 500 ml of water to three meals a day for eight weeks, the participant's body weight and body fat levels significantly decreased compared to pre-study measures.  Additionally crucial is timing. The most efficient time to hydrate is 30 minutes before meals. You may consume fewer calories because of feeling more satisfied.

How much water should we drink?

You lose water every day in your breath, sweat, urine, and bowel motions. You must refill your body's water supply by ingesting liquids and meals that contain water for it to function correctly. So how much fluid does the typical healthy adult who lives in a climate with moderate temperatures need?

Men need about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of hydration every day.

Women should drink about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluid each day.

These suggestions include fluids from food, beverages, and water. Typically, food accounts for around 20% of daily fluid intake, and beverages for the remaining 80%.

Should we be drinking 8 glasses of water every day?

There is no scientific proof that consuming that much water is good for your health. Even though a well-known weight reduction program made such advice popular, there is no scientific proof that it aids in weight loss. Never force yourself to drink more; only sip when you're thirsty.

You don't have to push yourself to drink water; it's a good, healthy option. Replace high-calorie drinks like ordinary soda pop with water instead!

Few of us are in danger of dehydration because many foods including water, help us reach this barrier. The body has a very complex regulatory system that keeps track of your level of hydration and alerts you to drink when you need to. Regular exercise makes you sweat more, so you need to drink more to make up for it. You should consume more alcohol if you have certain medical issues, such as kidney stones. With your doctors, discuss those. The color of your urine is another simple technique to determine whether you're dehydrated. Contrary to water, urine does not have to be clear.

Drinking too much water is a problem?

For healthy, properly fed individuals, drinking too much water rarely causes problems. To avoid dehydration during prolonged or strenuous exercise, athletes may occasionally drink too much water. Your kidneys are unable to excrete extra water when you consume too much of it. Your blood loses its salt concentration. Hyponatremia is the medical term for this condition, which can be fatal.

Tips to keep yourself hydrated

Here are some suggestions to help you boost your fluid consumption and enjoy the health advantages of water if you feel that you should be drinking more:

  • Try to always have a water bottle with you, whether you're in the workplace, at the gym, or even driving.
  • Consider fluids. You don't need to only consume plain water to be hydrated. Milk, unadulterated fruit juices, tea, and broth are other healthy liquid options.
  • Avoid sugary beverages. While juice, soda, and alcohol all provide fluids, they also contain a lot of calories. Still, it makes sense to select water whenever you can
  • While eating out, sip some water. Instead of ordering another beverage, sip on some water. You can cut the number of calories in your dinner while also saving some money.
  • Squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice into your water to give it some flavor

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