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Ayurveda – Oil Bath

Ayurveda – Oil Bath

There is a general saying that if the body gets cleansed, the mind also gets cleansed. The existence which gave us oxygen to breathe, also has given us water in abundance. Not just for quenching our thirst, but also to cleanse ourselves.

We work from home and several of us work outside. Sweat, dust from outside, and through various other means, our body gets dust which are invisible to naked eye. Whether one works in the farm or sits inside a A/C room, they all get affected by this. To mitigate this, we take bath !

Ayurveda insists taking bath in the morning and evening after sunset. But today people live in a fast paced world. Taking bath two times a day has almost become impossible. But nevertheless, we need to be conscious to take bath at least once a day. Even people suffering from fever, can be massaged with cold water using a cloth. Part of the disease is due to the dirt that gets accumulated in the body.

So never skip a bath. Ayurveda supports bathing in cold water. During cold temperatures, the water can be heated lukewarm and then taken bath.

People who cannot take head bath daily, should take head bath at least twice a week. They should develop this habit. Doing so, not only does the dirt is cleansed, the nervous system is activated and the blood circulation is also enhanced. The body becomes very active.

Today there is enough infrastructure in every house which gets water in the house 24X7. Also, we get heated water as well. So we should make sure with all these facilities, one should take bath twice a day.

As far as possible, it is better to avoid hot water. Babies and children are exempted from this. Taking very hot water bath can cause nervous related issues in the long run. If one has to take bath in hot water, then it should be only luke warm. Steam bath is different.

Ayurveda defines in detail about oil baths.

At what time and day should one take bath. Which oil is good for which people and who all could use it has been defined well in Ayurveda.

As our lifestyle is changing rapidly, so does the chronic ailments. As we deviate from traditional systems, the diseases also have increased. As technology is developing, so does our diseases. Fundamentally when we look at how we live deeply, the main reasons for our problems are the deviation from our traditional systems of lifestyle. Several other suffer due to bad lifestyle, wrong habits and addictions. The main reason behind today’s issue is due to lack of proper blood circulation. Tissues, muscles and our nerves have lost the strength.

Todays ailments include – skin disorder, sprained neck, spinal problem, calf muscles, thigh muscles and joint pains are some of the few things that people are experiencing. The fundamental reason behind most of the problems are nerves and blood circulation related.

Ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, spondylitis are some of the ailments which are primarily caused by lack of physical activity. Sitting in one place or standing in one place for prolonged period of time gives rise to such disorders. Physically being active guarantees all parts of body to become active and thereby becoming strong. By not using certain parts of the body, those parts do not give enough output thereby denying oneself the necessary output. By not activating certain parts of the body, makes those parts stiff. So how to avoid this?

To activate the dull parts of the body and to make those parts active again functionally, oil bath is important. The oil bath rejuvenates those areas by activating the nerves and blood circulation.

The best oil to use is ORGANIC SESAME OIL. Just heat the oil lukewarm and apply the oil to all parts of the body. Apply little extra to the affected areas and thoroughly wash it after 21 minutes.

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