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7 Foods that aggravate cold and cough

7 Foods that aggravate cold and cough

When your respiratory system detects irritants, your body's natural defense is to cough. Your body will start coughing to help get debris like phlegm/mucus or food particles out of the respiratory tract when they are stuck in the throat. Using medicine, adjusting your eating patterns, and/or altering your diet are some simple lifestyle adjustments to avoid persistent coughing.

White blood cells are sent by the immune system to fight these viruses, but they frequently fall short because they are so frail. After that, your throat and nose get irritated and produce a lot of mucus. You feel worn out and miserable since you expended a lot of energy combating the cold virus. A virus or weak immune system can knock you out totally. We inform you about meals that can exacerbate issues rather than resolve them.

Dairy Products:

Even though you may have only heard nice things about dairy products, they may be unintentionally making you sick by making your body generate more mucus. Dairy is a wonderful source of protein and vitamin D, both of which can help your body fight infection, so don't fully give it up. Just make sure you consume it in moderation to prevent producing too much mucus.

Taking coffee:

Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are all diuretics that tend to dry your body and can cause much thicker mucus, which can promote colds and coughs and a weakened immune system. Stay healthy by avoiding caffeine-containing beverages as much as possible.


Similar to alcohol, sugar can exacerbate a cold or cough by weakening your immune system and causing significant inflammation. Although they may be soothing, try to limit your intake of sweets. You don't want to be contagious while others indulge in sweets.

Histamine-producing foods: 

Your immune system produces chemicals called histamines that help your body get rid of things that aren't good for you. Allergens are one such example. When you consume something that could make you allergic, histamines warn the body. When this occurs, histamines cause more mucus to accumulate, particularly if you have a cold or an allergy. Some dietary sources are often strong in histamines, which can exacerbate the problem. Avocados, mushrooms, strawberries, fermented foods, wine, yogurt, vinegar, and even dried fruits are among the foods to watch out for.


Your stuffy chest would only be relieved by a sip of rum mixed with honey and water, right? Wrong! A 2007 study published in the journal Alcohol found a correlation between drinking alcohol and an increase in bronchial and lung inflammation. The white blood cells in your blood, which you need to fight the cold, are also suppressed by alcohol. Moreover, alcohol dehydrates you, and when you have a cold, you need to drink extra fluids.

Fried Meals:

Fried junk food can cause major respiratory problems like a cold or cough in addition to expanding your obesity. You may generate mucus as a result of the fats and oils included in fatty foods that come from animal products like butter, lard, and omega-6 fatty acids, which will make your cold or flu symptoms worse. Maintain a healthy diet and concentrate on enhancing rather than depleting your immune system.

Salty Foods: 

Eating too much salt might dehydrate you, which will then cause you to cough up more mucus. It can also lead to significant bloating, which can make breathing feel a little more challenging.

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