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5 midnight snack recipes that are healthy

5 midnight snack recipes that are healthy

Lack of sleep frequently results in late-night snack binges. But late-night feasting is often linked to weight gain, bloating, and increased blood sugar levels. Low-calorie foods or those that are simple to digest should be preferred during these odd hour of snacking. Fruits, vegetable salad, nuts, and seeds should be considered when you want to have a midnight snack.

After talking with India's leading nutritionists and dieticians, we have identified the ideal nighttime snacks to satisfy your appetite without piling on extra weight.

1. Puffed Grains:

    Rice, wheat, corn, amaranthus, and jowar grains can all be found in the market as puffed grains. These are formed from grains that have been heated and compressed under high pressure using steam. These puffed grains can be consumed as such at midnight in a tiny Katori.

    Saute some vegetables, add some lemon juice, and enjoy them if you have the stamina to do anything more special late at night.

    Therefore, nutritious late-night snacks like Muri Bhel, Popcorn, Popped Jowar, and Popped Amaranthus are easily accessible and nutritious.

    2. Corn flakes, Bran Flakes, Poha Flakes, and oatmeal with milk:

      Have some warm milk and a cup of oats, cornflakes, poha flakes, or bran flakes. To increase its nutritional value, you can add some seeds and nuts. Avoid sweetening this porridge in any way. Add one teaspoon of honey or jaggery if you find it difficult to consume it plain. Calcium, protein, and complex carbs work together to keep you full and promote restful sleep.

      Make sure to purchase these flakes in their natural state rather than flavored, sweetened varieties.

      3. Potato Egg Salad:

      This is the ideal late-night snack since it is packed with protein from the eggs and nutritious carbs from the boiled potato. See the brief recipe below. It is also very filling and can satiate your hunger pangs

      two cooked eggs.

      one cooked potato

      Pepper and salt


      Garlic butter or spread

      Method: In a salad dish, combine the mashed eggs and potatoes with the mayonnaise and garlic butter (or spread, depending on your preference). Stir thoroughly. Toss in salt and pepper, then serve chilled.

      4. Oatmeal:

      Oatmeal provides several benefits, even though you typically only think about it only for breakfast. Because they digest slowly, oats are a complex carb that, among other things, regulates blood sugar spikes that would otherwise keep you awake at night. And you're not the only one who finds a hot cup of oats cozy and soothing. A study from Columbia University found that your diet's carbohydrates significantly help your brain release the neurotransmitter serotonin, which promotes relaxation and increases the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

      5. Veggie Salad:

      The finest food to eat at night and can effectively satisfy your midnight hunger is a salad comprised of wholesome vegetables like carrot, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, and tomatoes sprinkled with black pepper. Include a low-calorie cottage cheese dip for additional taste.


      It's normal to need to eat something tasty and enjoyable around midnight. Here, it's crucial to eat nutritious food that is both delicious and exciting. You won't turn to unhealthy snacking now that you are aware of the best late-night snacks. Stop the urges and indulge in your favorite low-calorie snacks without feeling guilty. Eat healthily and get a good night's rest.

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