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5 foods to eat when you have diarrhea

5 foods to eat when you have diarrhea

A common digestive disorder, Diarrhea results in loose or watery stools. A minority have chronic diarrhea due to underlying disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, but a majority of people get it occasionally, brought on by illnesses like the stomach flu.

Whether you have diarrhea brought on by a virus or a medical condition that causes more regular episodes of diarrhea, temporarily altering your diet by omitting some foods and giving others priority may help you feel better. For starters, it's crucial to pick foods that are easy on your digestive system and support replenishing nutrients and liquids lost through loose stools. Foods that are deficient in fiber, fat, added sugar, and other substances, for instance, can exacerbate diarrhea.

It's crucial to eat foods that are easy on the stomach because some foods can aggravate an upset stomach. Patients with diarrhea should eat items like boiled vegetables, low-fiber carbohydrates, lean poultry, crackers, soup, and eggs, according to Mundkur.

Five different foods that can relieve diarrhea:

  • Cereals and carbs with little fiber:

Even though fiber is a vital element that adds volume to stool and supports regular bowel movements, a low-fiber diet is advised when you have diarrhea since it helps digestion and reduces the frequency of bowel movements. Boiled rice, noodles, wheat, or oats can be helpful, especially if you have watery stools.

  • Eggs:

 If you have diarrhea, you can still consume cooked eggs. Pick meals that are low in butter, cheese, and seasonings, such as salt-seasoned scrambled eggs.

  • Skinless chicken or turkey:

 To stop your diarrhea from growing worse, choose low-fat meat alternatives over fatty foods with high-fat content. Using fresh or dried herbs to flavour the meat, such as basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano, or cilantro will definitely help relieve some symptoms

  • Soup and breadsticks: 

Soup can replenish your vitamin and moisture levels, but crackers are better because they typically have a lot of salt in them. Sodium and potassium, which are electrolytes, can be severely lost during diarrhea and can be replaced by eating salty foods.

  • Boiling vegetables:

 When you have diarrhea, cooked/boiled vegetables may be gentler on your body because raw vegetables can be harder to digest and may create discomfort in the form of gas and bloating. Green beans, potatoes, and carrots are among the vegetables that should be consumed boiled as opposed to frying.


The diarrhea diet should only be utilized for a brief period of time until your symptoms go away. Prioritise staying hydrated and ensuring you get enough nutrients to prevent further problems. You might occasionally have a hidden condition, such as diabetes or a digestive disorder. If diarrhea occurs regularly and doesn't get better with the diarrhea diet, consult your healthcare professional.

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