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Kattunayakan Tribes

We, Kattunayakan tribals, live in the picturesque jungles of Nilgiris. We are known for our unique art of painting but our main livelihood is honey extraction from Wild bee honeycombs. We relied on honey as one of our main sources of nutrition for centuries. The extraction and harvesting methods have been passed on to us from our forefathers. These methods are traditional and allow minimal harm if any to the bees. We harvest only those combs that have excess honey and leave enough for the bees to feed on.

We store the honey in bottles after some basic filtration. This honey is neither pasteurized nor heated nor adulterated with any chemicals. The intention is to leave it all natural with pollen and plenty of antioxidants. We hope that this honey nourishes you like it did our communities. Thank you for purchasing Wild Raw honey from Let’sLive that we procured from the pristine forests of Western ghats. This contribution of yours will help in the upliftment of our communities.

The idea for Let’sLive enterprise with a social purpose germinated because early in March we got a call from a friend, just after the Covid lockdown started. Few Kattunayakan Tribal families, who are traditional honey hunters extracted wild honey from the forests in Western ghats but couldn’t find buyers because of the lockdown. We procured all their honey and are now selling it via Let’sLive platform.

These tribals wanted to thank us and requested us to come visit them. They told us around 35 families could survive this last year because of our purchase. So last month we went and spoke to them in detail about their lives, work and the forest.

You can watch the interview here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JlQtwBQxp8&t=6s