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You will never eat polished rice after reading this!

You will never eat polished rice after reading this!

For many of us Rice always meant polished white rice! Growing up, this is what was cooked and served to us day in and day out. It was an accompaniment to many a delicious assortment of curries, sambar or rasam. This main course of carbohydrate, as tasty as it is, does not bode well for the overall health and well being of those who consume it. The polishing process strips off the nutrients hidden in the outer surface of the rice kernels, leaving us with mere carb-loaded grains.

An explosion of awareness in health and a general curiosity has been on the rise in recent times. This has led to the discovery of a range of native and indigenous rice varieties that are used traditionally in Indian households. These native rice varieties are not only good for health but also good for the planet. Let’s take a look at what these native rice varieties are and the benefits!

  1. There is a rice variety for each kind of lifestyle disease. Many of these rices can help regulate blood pressure or a low glycemic index which will help diabetics. From boosting fertility to battling inflammation they come in several forms. Be sure to explore the properties of each
  2. They come loaded with vital vitamins, nutrients and anti oxidants which help in the overall health. Rice like Mapillai samba is eaten for strength and stamina whereas Karuppu Kavuni rice was eaten in olden times only by Royalty for its amazing nutrients
  3. Some of these paddy varieties are drought resistant and can do wonders for the soil and the land that they are cultivated in. Usually most of these do not require as much water as the regular paddy that we consume
  4. Kattu Yanam paddy grows to be very tall and serves as a nutritious fodder for the cattle once harvested. Most of these varieties are grown during Samba season and take longer to harvest due to how tall they grow. 
  5. Passing the different tastes of these grains to the next generation can become a part of your legacy. Not only are you inculcating healthy eating habits but you could also be teaching them an important part of our culture
  6. Most importantly, ecologically it makes sense to eat seasonally and to eat locally. Consuming locally available indigenous grains definitely reduces the carbon footprint of the planet

At Let’sLive we have made it our mission to source native rice grains that are not available in the mainstream supermarkets. One could ask why we are set on this particular mission? The answer is simple! We want to bring to the fore access to our rich heritage of grains. Come explore our online store and discover these amazing grains!

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Let’sLive procures all its products from its farmers directly. The produce is carefully stored after harvest and sent to our customers after the due testing. No preservatives are used in our storage. As and when orders are received, the product is cleaned and sent to the customers directly. Our technically qualified team coaches and transfers advanced technology to our farmers to better utilize resources and save the environment from unnecessary wastages. 

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