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What is bipolar disorder and how to regulate it

What is bipolar disorder and how to regulate it

Extreme mood swings, including emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression), are symptoms of bipolar illness, formerly known as manic depression.

When you experience depression, you could feel melancholy or hopelessness and stop enjoying or lose interest in most activities. You might experience mania or hypomania (a less severe form of mania), which can make you feel elated, energized, or particularly irritable. The ability to think, energy levels, activity, judgment, and behavior can all be impacted by these mood changes.

Mood swing episodes can happen infrequently or repeatedly each year. While the majority of people will have some emotional symptoms in between bouts, some people might not.

Although bipolar disorder is a lifelong diagnosis, by adhering to a treatment plan, you can control your mood swings and other symptoms. Bipolar disorder is typically treated with pharmaceuticals and psychological therapy (psychotherapy).

Keep a daily schedule:

When you have bipolar disorder, your daily mood, sleeping habits, and medication side effects can shift in an unforeseen way. You can communicate your progress to your doctor better by maintaining a regular journal. Your doctor might frequently alter or switch drugs to keep your symptoms under control while changes take place. For your daily log, consider using a pocket-sized calendar or notebook.

Take Full Advantage of Talk Therapy:

Talk therapy is equally as crucial for managing bipolar disorder as medication is. This element of your treatment plan, which is also known as psychotherapy, can provide you with the knowledge, direction, and support you need to manage symptoms, spot a relapse, and stay away from risky behaviors.

Establish a Regular Routine:

Both sleeping patterns and eating patterns can alter during manic and depressive episodes. By making an effort to adhere to a regular schedule, you can better manage the symptoms of mania and depression. Inform your doctor of any modifications to your sleeping or eating routines since they could be early indicators of a recurrence.

Avoid Drugs/Alcohol:

Alcohol and drug abuse are particularly prevalent in those with bipolar disorder. When you're feeling high during mania, you might be tempted to reduce the severity of your depressive symptoms by drinking or using a controlled substance. These actions, referred to as "self-medicating," only make symptoms worse and, when you are feeling well, can cause a relapse.

Exercise and work out:

 Try to engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day. Swimming, dancing, and regular gym workouts are all effective forms of exercise because they all keep you moving. A quick walk or some indoor stretching can help on days when you're feeling down.

Set aside time for rest and alone time:

 Life is not solely about obligations or employment. Spend time with friends and relax each day. When it becomes a regular part of your routine, it may be simpler to incorporate this.

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