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What are Doshas as per Ayurveda

What are Doshas as per Ayurveda

In this blog we shall discuss about Doshas. 

This is the ayurvedic secret for knowing the root cause of any disease. 

There are 3 doshas 

  1. Vatta
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

These doshas get their qualities from the combination of five elements in the nature.

  1. Water
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Air
  5. Space

The Vata dosha is the result of air and space.

Pita dosha is caused by fire element

Kapha dosha is the result of earth and water element.

Let us now look at how these doshas are related to our body. 

We are all different in the sense, we all have different types of body, different disposition, different illness, different lifestyle and different personalities. In Ayurveda, these differences are called as Prakruti.  A person’s Prakruti could be governed by one or the combination of these 3 doshas, because our body is made of natural elements. 

Now let us find out how to identify if Prakruti of some person is vata, pita or kapha dominant.

Vata has air and space elements. People with predominant Vata dosha are usually quite thin having a light bone and a muscular structure. They are very creative and active not only physically but also in their thought patterns because they have many ideas. Such people are more prone to illness because they are usually not strong physically and have a weaker immune system.

Pita has fire element. Persons with high amount of pitta element in their natural constituent are likely to have an explosive character and a strong digestive system. They usually have a medium body size. They build muscles at their normal pace and have good strength. They can appear aggressive and determined, but they usually have a great sense of justice and work hard for their goals. Pitta type of people can eat heavy meals and digest easily.

Kapha has earth and water elements. Those with dominant Kapha Prakruti, are usually well-built, good looking and have a healthy skin. Such people are physically strongest and also have a robust immune system. They like slow and steady activities like swimming and walking. They have a good memory, amazing endurance and a great sense of loyalty. 

These are the three doshas. 

Now that we understand the 3 types of doshas, how to categorize people of their doshas ? No person carries a constituent of single dosha. They are a combination of 2 doshas. There are very few lucky people whose 3 doshas are in perfect balance. The composition of doshas within us is what makes us an individual. If we know our predominant doshas, we can adapt our diet and lifestyle in order to stay balanced and maintain our health. Then our body and mind are in alignment with nature. On the other hand some people aggravate the dominance of dosha unknowingly. They make poor lifestyle choices that are not aligned with the law of nature. Such disharmony can cause stresses in body as well as in mind and can throw the doshas out of balance. When doshas are imbalanced, toxins start build up and finally they create ill health. 

Now let us look with an example. 

A person with  a kapha dosha, ideally should stay in warmer areas, dry areas and eat warm food. Unfortunately, if they are exposed to cold weather or eat cold foods which are heavy to digest, their kapha dosha will get imbalanced and they will feel sluggish and lethargic. They are prone to respiratory infections.  Loss of appetite, water retention, mucus formation, feeling of heaviness, sadness, obesity are some of the disorders. 

When someone has vata dosha imbalance, they will generally have dry skin, insomnia, headache, tremors, stiffness in head or legs, arthritis, constipation, anxiety, nervousness, impatience, confusion, fear etc..

When pitta dosha is aggravated, it can lead to inflammations, skin problems and muscular disorders. Some diseases that can be caused when pitta is imbalanced are skin disorders like psoriasis, fatigue, migraine, acid reflux, jaundice and skin rashes. 

Using the above mentioned methods, identify which doshas you come under and accordingly maintain your lifestyle to keep your dosha in balance. The best way is to observe your body.  Otherwise, visit an Ayurvedic practitioner and know which dosha is dominant and make sure you keep it in balance to have a balanced body and mind. 

There are several ways to bring this balance - lifestyle changes through diet, yoga, meditation, regular exercise

To conclude, know your dominant dosha and accordingly work towards balancing them.

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