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Sustainable, Recyclable and Responsible - Let'sLive's Product Packaging

Sustainable, Recyclable and Responsible - Let'sLive's Product Packaging

Many of you who tried Let’sLive products would have noticed our unique packaging. Like our products, we want our packaging also to reflect our ethos and essence of our company. Let’s look at how and what we use for our packaging.

When we first started looking at various choices we had, we were very clear of the below requirements

  • Any material that we used for our product packaging had to be Eco-sensitive & Environmentally friendly. Our Let’sLive products are completely natural and have no pesticides or preservatives in them. This fundamental aspect of our product lineup had to be reflected in the packaging
  • We had to source the materials in a Sustainable and Responsible way. Once we decided what we were going to use we should be getting them without too much effort. 
  • They had to be Recyclable. Moreover, we had to look to only those materials that were safe and beneficial for individuals as well as communities throughout their lifecycles
  • We wanted to extend ourselves a little bit more and see if we could find any packing material that is also Reusable. Piling up into dumpsters is not doing good for our planet!
  • All the above targets cannot sustain if it did not come at an Economical price tag
  • We had to meet all of the above and also have it look very aesthetic and appealing

We worked hard to design appropriate packaging for each and every one of our products. We think we succeeded!!

Honey Packaging

Our Honey bottles come in beautifully labeled glass bottles. To prevent breakage and cushion any impact to the bottle during delivery, we pack it between very aesthetic-looking dried banana leaf mats in a sturdy cardboard box. This new and innovative packaging won a lot of love and we received very positive feedback from our wonderful customers.

These banana mats are sourced from banana plantations across rural Tamilnadu. We help small-scale farmers manufacture these especially for us. Not only this job generate livelihood for the farmers but also creates employment for womenfolk of the surrounding neighborhoods.

These banana mats are reusable as coasters or decorative pieces. Try them out and check out for yourself!

You can see a video of our banana mat manufacturing on our website

Rice Packaging

We have several varieties of Rice in Let’sLive shop online. All of our rice is thoroughly checked and vacuum sealed in decomposable corn bags. These bags are then packaged in lovely Jute bags. These Let’sLive Rice packaged products are a treat to the eyes! Not only are they beautiful and aesthetic, these  jute bags are recyclable and can be used as regular bags or for storage of groceries at your home

About Let’sLive
Let’sLive is a social empowerment enterprise committed to enhancing and improving the livelihoods of tribal and farming communities. We work directly with small-scale farmers so that our customers can get access to products that are natural, pristine, and picked from the lap of nature. We encourage and provide advice for practicing ethical farming and eco-friendly methods to all those who partner with us.

At Let'sLive we are passionate about bringing in 100% all-natural and healthy products directly from the farming and tribal communities to your doorstep like Pure Raw Honey, Traditional varieties of rice, etc. We want our consumers to enjoy and have direct access to the products that are pristine and picked directly from the lap of nature. The mandates by which we operate are:
* Value every life around us by encouraging ethical farming
* Leverage local knowledge and promote legacy harvesting practices with high hygienic standards
* No preservatives or artificial processing on any of our products
* Each product can be traced to its origins and the people involved in its making
* Educate consumers on the importance of consuming rich and natural local produce
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