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Navratri – 9 forms of Devi worship

Navratri – 9 forms of Devi worship

This year the entire nation will be celebrating Navaratri from Oct 6th to 15th. Navarathri means 9 nights. These 9 days and nights culminate in the Vijayadashami festival on the 10th day. In many parts of the country, these 10 days are celebrated with a lot of festivities and grandeur. Devi or Mother Goddess is worshipped during this period and many rituals, chants and prayers are offered to her. This is a special time of the year and there is a lot of significance and science behind why this period is chosen for Devi worship. 

Devi metaphorically represents the 3 worlds

  • Physical world where we all pervade
  • Mental world that comprises our thoughts and emotions
  • Cosmic world also known as transcendental world

Actually, during Navratri we worship Devi for 9 days in Nine different forms of goddess Durga. 

The first 3 days, we worship her as MahaKali

  • 1st day as Devi Shylaputri who is the manifestation of power behind the Trimurthis – the energy power
  • 2nd day as Devi Brahmacharini , one who practices asceticism – she is the way to enlightenment or Moksha
  • 3rd day as Devi Chandrakanta who gives energy to fight all evils

These 3 forms of MahaKali are propitiated during the first 3 days of Navratri. Worship of Devi on these 3 days will help us to overcome Tamas Guna. We cannot achieve anything if we have Tamas Guna i.e., laziness, darkness, ignorance and procrastination. Goddess Durga symbolises the destruction of these evil tendencies. Also vices like anger, ego, desire, attachment and jealousy also can be overcome. Devi in these 3 days not only cleanses but energises our Mooladhara and Swadhisthana Chakras (water chakras). These chakras are spiritual centers in our body. 

The next 3 days, we worship her as Goddess MahaLakshmi

  • 4th day as Devi Kushmanda, goddess of cosmic egg. She is considered as the creator of the Universe. 
  • 5th day as Skandamata Devi who is goddess of War 
  • 6th day as Katyayani Devi who is commander of Divine energies.

Goddess Lakshmi bestows wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual, to those who seek her in devotion. Devi Lakshmi is always shown as sitting in 1000 petalled lotus. It is a symbolism of purity and detachment.  It signifies the purity of mind to keep the security of divine wealth. Unless one has the purity of self-discipline – kindness, love, respect & sincerity, material wealth will not sustain and stay. 

The above 3 days, in our body, by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, the Manipuraka and Anahata chakras are purified. 

The last 3 days we worship Devi as MahaSaraswati 

  • 1st day as Devi Kalarathri, a fierce form of Devi, represents dark night. Night is considered as one of the aspects of Mother Divine. It is night that brings rest, solace and comfort to weary souls
  • 2nd day as Devi Mahagauri. She brings freedom and movement in life – represents beautiful and serene aspects of nature
  • 3rd day as Devi Siddhidatri, she is perfection – makes impossible possible. She is the energy that propels our life and liberates us.

Goddess Saraswati bestows us with peace and learning. On these 3 days our Vishuddhi and Ajna chakras are purified. Also, a pure form of Goddess Kanya worship is another special feature of the 9th day. On this day a small girl is invited, and she is worshipped as Kanya Devi. This ritual is supposed to be beneficial for the entire family.

So, propitiating and worshipping the divine Devi these 9 days will bring joy and prosperity into our life and can help in manifesting what we need

All the 9 Navarathri days of Devi worship end with Vijayadashami celebrations on the 10th day. On this day the victory of Goddess Shakthi or Devi over the evil Mahishasura is celebrated. 

Around Navratri time, the planets are aligned in such a way that this period is conducive and very beneficial when one worships the feminine. This brings freedom from all kinds of suffering, deep relaxation and creativity. Prayers, chanting and meditation performed during Navratri uplift our spirit. Meditation during this time helps us to declutter our mind and remove mental toxins like fear, hatred, anger, addiction, anxiety, attachment and depression. Getting in touch with our spirit invokes positive qualities within us

Navratri is an opportunity for people to mingle with each other. It helps to create new relationships and revive old ones. Praying and meditating during these 9 nights brings joy, happiness, bliss and fulfillment in a natural way. Changes in season have effects on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Devi controls the movement of celestial bodies due to which the Chakras and Nadis in our body also get purified.

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