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How to store Coconut oil to keep it fresh

How to store Coconut oil to keep it fresh

Coconut oil is the oil of choice for cooking in many parts of India. It's the most popular oil used to apply to our hair, or on a bruise for faster healing. It is indeed a lifesaver for a vast majority of the population, first aid of sorts – but let’s see how to store it so that it can be retained with its freshness and used over a longer time.

Perishable products by nature, have a short shelf life. For example, Milk may have an expiry date of a couple of days to at best a week based on how it is refrigerated. In contrast, Coconut Oil has the advantage of being stable, but it can potentially spoil if not stored properly. One of the clearest indications that the Coconut Oil had gone bad is when the white coconut oil turns yellow in color, chunky in texture, and smells rancid.

Shelf life

First things first – Coconut Oil naturally has a long shelf life of about 2 years so long as it is stored at room temperature in an airtight container. Store the coconut oil at room temperature in a cool environment to help keep it in its liquid form. Although refrigerating it is an acceptable way to store it, it will become hard and tough to use out of its container.

How many times in winter have we all faced this problem? The coconut oil freezes in its container and becomes difficult to retrieve unless we warm it a little and it turns liquid fairly quickly due to its low melting point of 24 deg C. There’s one major advantage to keeping coconut oil in the fridge compared to other storage choices. The cold confines of a refrigerator will result in the oil solidifying, allowing it to stay fresh for as long as possible.

Whether refrigerated or not, storing in a sealed or airtight container is paramount as it helps shut out the oxygen. Oxygen and Coconut Oil don’t go well together since prolonged exposure can break down the Coconut Oil and it can go rancid and become unusable.

The expiration date of Coconut Oil is also dependent on the type of oil. The virgin oil may be usable for 5 years while the refined coconut oil may end up going bust within 18 months.

Container Storage

Buy coconut oil in a glass bottle or jar to prevent chemicals from the plastic from leaking into the oil and helps prevent contamination. Also, storing the ingredients in a dark glass container will help keep them fresh for longer because the oil’s temperature will not be affected by light. Coconut oil, when purchased in a clear glass container or BPA-safe plastic bottle can be transferred to a dark container or glass jar to bolster its protection from sunlight.

Avoid storing coconut oil in metal containers. Oil may react with the metal and lead to the Coconut Oil giving out an unpleasant smell and potentially making it harmful to use.

It is recommended not to store coconut oil containers in the restroom. It may adversely affect the coconut oil’s texture and its ability to stay fresh due to moisture from the air and oft-changing temperatures.

Following are simple steps and precautions to follow – Just ensure that it is stored in dry places where it won’t see much constant change in temperature or light; and in an airtight container to protect the oil from dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants.


Classic signs that the oil is no longer usable are, a change in color of the oil to yellow, the smell turning bad and the taste becoming sour. Visible chunks and dark spots of oil are also clear indications that the oil has gone bad.

In such cases, discard the coconut oil immediately. Do not consume it, as it can have serious side effects and may increase the number of harmful free radicals in the body; those have been linked to everything from inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases to cancer.


In summary, please ensure the Coconut oil is stored with an air-tight lid on with no or minimal exposure to sunlight or heat. You can choose to keep it refrigerated or store it on shelves and enjoy the range of benefits that coconut oil delivers.

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