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How to prevent Bone loss with ageing

How to prevent Bone loss with ageing

Bones are essential for our body to function correctly. Unfortunately, bone loss is a common problem affecting millions worldwide. It can lead to serious health issues such as osteoporosis and fractures. Fortunately, there are preventive strategies that can help reduce the risk of bone loss and keep bones healthy and strong for years to come. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective prevention strategies to prevent bone loss and maintain strong bones.

Bone loss causes Osteoporosis. This is a condition in which the bones become fragile and break easily. It is a silent disease that can cause serious health problems, including pain in the back, hips, and other joints.

The causes of osteoporosis are not yet fully understood. However, we know that there arecertain factors that increase an individual’s risk of developing it. These include being female or elderly (especially after menopause), having small or thin bones (which can lead to more
frequent fractures), having a family history of osteoporosis, and taking certain medications. Osteoporosis is predominant in women but men also can develop this condition

It is irreversible and there is no complete cure but it can be slowed down considerably with lifestyle and dietary changes. Let’s look at how to do in this article

Prevention of Bone loss
There are preventive strategies that can help reduce the risk of bone loss and keep bones healthy and strong for years to come. These strategies when implemented as Lifestyle and Dietary changes will surely help you build strong bone health and prevent an impending danger

  • Foods rich in calcium

Foods high in calcium like Whole grains, Fresh Vegetables, fruits, fish & nuts help to slow down bone loss. Try to include whole grains like Let’sLive native rice varieties and our all-natural millets in your diet regularly. These foods will help you fight against osteoporosis

  • Dairy Products

Milk & Yogurt have a good amount of calcium which can help prevent thinning of bones.
Drink a cup of warm milk every day and have yogurt in your meal

  • Potassium-rich foods

Fruits and Veggies high in potassium like bananas, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, whole grains, etc are better for bone density

  • Protein-rich Foods

Foods rich in proteins such as lentils, seafood, poultry, etc help the bones to repair and remodel

  • Get active

Exercising daily is a great way not only to get in shape but also to strengthen bones.
Weight-bearing exercises like walking, weight lifting, etc will help strengthen bones and bone density. Make sure to allocate at least 30mins in a day for exercise

  • Take supplements

Vitamin D and Calcium supplements for women over 40 are very beneficial. This will complement any calcium deficiency

  • Regular check-ups

Get regular medical check-up and bone density tests to figure out early if you are at risk for osteoporosis

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