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How to check the purity of honey at home

How to check the purity of honey at home

More often than not, the honey you get in department stores is not 100% pure. It is often adulterated with rice, sugar, and a few other additives to boost its volume. Many artificial colorants and preservatives are occasionally added when honey is processed, which is quite harmful to our health. So it is difficult to find genuine, farm-fresh honey. So how can one know if the honey you are buying is pure or not? You can perform a few quick tests at home to determine the honey's purity and safety before consuming it.

How to find Adulterated Honey:

A package of honey you recently bought might not be as pure as it promises. Adulterated honey looks and tastes very much like pure honey. It's very easy to get deceived if you don't know any better! 

Let's see what you can do about it. Here are a few indicators: If you open a bottle of honey and hear a noise, there is a good likelihood that the honey is tainted because this noise is the result of fermentation inside.

Pure honey has no stickiness. Therefore, if your honey sticks to your fingertips when you rub it between your fingers, it may contain extra sugar.

Also pure honey has a very solid texture, making it difficult to move from one container to another. Contrarily, the texture of counterfeit honey is thin and watery.

How to Find the Purity of Honey:

  • Vinegar:

You can quickly tell honey from real honey by using vinegar. Watch the vinegar-water solution after adding a few drops of honey. If the mixture of honey, vinegar, and water begins to foam, your honey may be tainted.

  • Water Test:

This is another useful method for determining the purity of honey. You can combine honey with water. If the honey is not tainted, it would require some effort to dissolve in water and would not totally dissolve. If honey is mixed with sugar, it could also leave a white trace.

  • The Honeycomb Test:

Add some water to a bowl with some of your honey in it. Watch what happens when you stir this liquid in a clockwise motion. It is a sign of exceptionally pure honey if you can see hexagonal patterns growing in it.

  • The Heat Test:

Dip a matchstick in honey, then try lighting it to see if your honey is pure or not. If you have trouble lighting the matchstick, the honey is probably not pure. If your honey is pure, the matchstick may have lit up without any difficulty.

  • The Thumb Test:

You can test to see if honey spreads or spills by putting a small quantity on your thumb. It might not be pure if it does. Impure honey will be watery, whereas pure honey will be thick. Pure honey does not leak away from the surface it is put on. Additionally, the flavor of impure honey could remain because of the added sugar.


If you feel the regular supply of honey is not as pure as you would like it's probably best to consider purchasing honey from organic and trusted sources. This will ensure that your supply is of the highest caliber.

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