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Difference between Bamboo Rice vs Basmati Rice

Difference between Bamboo Rice vs Basmati Rice

Bamboo Rice 
Moongil Arisi or Bamboo Rice grains are actually the seeds of the Bamboo that are delivered during a spectacular culmination of a dying bamboo shoot. These seeds are produced by the Bamboo only once at the end of its lifespan, which is anywhere between 40 and 120 years.

Regular consumption of Bamboo Rice is known to reduce joint pains and give relief from rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces sugar levels and is rich in antioxidants. Bamboo Rice delivers instant energy because it is packed with nutrients – it is high in protein content, vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, iron, and phosphorus.

Basmati is rice for festive occasions. Predominantly grown in India, Nepal and Pakistan, basmati is that perfect rice variety you need to top off your festivities. While basmati is known to excite your taste buds, what’s not generally discussed are the health benefits of basmati. We have discussed some of those benefits here. 

Difference between Basmati Rice and Bamboo Rice
In stark contrast to the long-grained Basmati Rice, the Bamboo Rice is short-grained.

Bamboo Rice has the lowest Glycemic Index (~20) amongst all rice varieties. Basmati Rice in comparison has a Glycemic Index in the 50s thus making Bamboo Rice a healthier option over Basmati Rice, especially for diabetics.

While the Basmati rice is supremely aromatic, appeals to your taste buds and is available easily in a store near you, the Bamboo Rice is loaded with health benefits and is better suited for sushi and desserts.

One may need to acquire a taste for the Bamboo Rice as the Bamboo Rice is sticky when cooked and chewy when consumed as compared to the Basmati Rice which is proven to tickle your senses. It would be a good idea then to incorporate both these rice varieties in your palate - Basmati rice for the Pulao and the Fried Rice and the Bamboo Rice for the sushi and the puddings.

The Basmati Rice is a joyous celebration for your senses – visually attractive with a captivating aroma and a delightful taste. A wonderfully healthy option when consumed in moderation. On the other hand, the Bamboo Rice is a once in a generation produce from the humble bamboo, which is why it packs in such a powerful punch in every single grain. The Tribal folk knew the value of Bamboo Rice all along and the benefits it brings to the table. It is time we make this superfood an integral part of the menu on our dining table!

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