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Bamboo Rice - Tribal Rice that is the next superfood

Bamboo Rice - Tribal Rice that is the next superfood

One of the most consumed grains in the world is Rice. For many in our families, a meal is incomplete if rice is not eaten in our meals. This edible starchy cereal grain, a mainstay in our breakfast, lunch & dinner is a good source of glucose that the body needs for its energy. Having said that, regular consumption of polished rice grains causes not only obesity but also could be one of the culprits for the onset of diabetes. So it’s very important we choose our rice grains with a good knowledge of its origins and the benefits

We, at Let'sLive, present to you Bamboo Rice - This super grain is not really a grain but seeds of a dying bamboo shoot 

Origins & Cultivation
Bamboo Rice, also known as Tribal Bamboo rice, Mulayari arisi, Moongil Rice etc is actually not a paddy variety. When a bamboo shoot breathes its last, it flowers into a variety of rice seeds. These ripened seeds/fruits are harvested into bamboo rice. This is a rare variety of rice due to the unpredictable flowering of the Bamboo plant. It can take a few years to 100 yrs for a bamboo shoot to flower. Average life of a Bamboo shoot is between 40 to 100 yrs. It is one of the perennial trees.  

Bamboo Rice is a seed that is formed from the flower of the Bamboo tree before the end of its lifespan. The debris of these flowers is removed after harvesting and sundried. The Bamboo rice or Bamboo fruits are collected and polishing is done even though it may not be necessary. It is further stored as similar to the storage procedure of cereal grains. For this reason, this is also more expensive than other rice varieties.

 Bamboo trees are found most commonly seen in countries like India, China, Myanmar and most of the south Asian countries. 

Bamboo rice
Bamboo ​​flowers are a rare variety of seeds similar to Rice or cereal grains and hence the name Bamboo Rice. We get our Bamboo rice from the tribal areas of Kerala nearest to Forest ranges of Wayanad Sanctuary. The Wayanad sanctuary is a rich habitat for Bamboo trees in India. Harvesting these seeds is one of the biggest income sources for the tribals from Wayanad forests. Many of them use this Bamboo Rice as medicine also

Health Benefits of Bamboo rice
Bamboo Rice looks like Paddy seeds but tastes like Wheat. There are umteen number of benefits to consuming these seeds which can qualify it as a “Super Food”. 

  • Tribal people in Kanyakumari forests eat Bamboo Rice in order to overcome fertility problems and improves reproductive health
  • Higher protein content in Bamboo rice than Wheat and Rice
  • Can help to heal joint pains, rheumatic pains and back pains, etc
  • With a low GI index its good for diabetics
  • Helps with cholesterol control
  • It is a good source of Vitamin B6.
  • Minimum to no fat content
  • Bamboo Rice is a good detoxification agent 
  • Bamboo Rice also improves appetite and improves digestion
  • It is fiber rich rice so improves gut health 
  • It contains good amounts of Calcium and Sulphur

Bamboo Rice -  Let’sLive Products
Let’sLive procures Bamboo rice from its tribal farmers directly. The produce is carefully stored after harvest and sent to our customers after due testing. No preservatives are used for storage purposes. As and when orders are received, the product is cleaned and sent to customers directly. Our technically qualified team coaches and transfers advanced technology in farming and harvesting techniques to our farmers to better utilize resources and save the environment from unnecessary wastages. 

Bamboo rice

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Bamboo Rice -  An organic produce

We wish to educate our customers that the rice purchased from Let’sLive is 100% organic, i.e, no insecticide or pesticides have been used. Since the rice is packed as harvested, it attracts life around it. Harvested rice is full of energy and vitality, naturally it attracts bugs. This proves the organic nature of our products. We request our customers to transfer the contents immediately into an air-tight container for storage after it is opened. A piece of red chilli and a few neem leaves will enhance the shelf life of the produce.

About Let’sLive
Let’sLive is a social empowerment enterprise committed to enhancing and improving the livelihoods of tribal and farming communities. We work directly with small-scale farmers so that our customers can get access to products that are natural, pristine, and picked from the lap of nature. We encourage and provide advice for practicing ethical farming and eco-friendly methods to all those who partner with us.

At Let'sLive we are passionate about bringing in 100% all-natural and healthy products directly from the farming and tribal communities to your doorstep like Pure Raw Honey, Traditional varieties of rice, etc. We want our consumers to enjoy and have direct access to the products that are pristine and picked directly from the lap of nature. The mandates by which we operate are:
* Value every life around us by encouraging ethical farming
* Leverage local knowledge and promote legacy harvesting practices with high hygienic standards
* No preservatives or artificial processing on any of our products
* Each product can be traced back to its origins and the people involved in its making
* Educate consumers on the importance of consuming rich and natural local produce

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