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Ayurveda Series – Should you go to the doctor?

Ayurveda Series – Should you go to the doctor?

Summer is approaching. Its really heating up. Its flooding during rainy season. After winter it is spring. Due to these rhythmic changes, our lifestyle and surroundings also change.

This change happens in our body also. Apart from these times, there are other changes that take place in our body. Due to this we undergo some changes and we suffer and our day to day routine gets affected. This is the first indication that our health is going for a toss.

If we ignore it and put off taking care of ourself, then chronic ailments or diseases attack us. There are two reasons for this. In Ayurveda, we call it as Visarkam and Aadhanam.

When we are born, as we age, all our organs in our body starts ageing. Our vision gets blurred, joint pains, hearing issues, limbs get weaker and even lead to diseases.

When we work and go about our daily routine, the energy gets dissipated. To replenish this energy we need to eat the right kind of food. So when we intake the right kind of food, our body does not suffer from changing climatic situations or seasons. This is an easy indicator to state whether we are in good health or not.

So how do we know whether we are in good health or not ? There is a simple test for this. There are some simple questions which we ask ourself and based on the answers, we can determine our health situation.

To know the condition of one’s health, there four basic criteria – hunger, sleep, limb and organ functioning. Based on this, below are the questions that one need to ask onself :

  1. In 24 hour, one needs to sleep for 8 hours or atleast for 6 hours. Did you sleep enough last night ? Was the sleep deep and peaceful ? or were you tossing in your sleep ?
  2. Are you feeling lazy even after the sleep ?
  3. Are you feeling at peace within yourself after the sleep ?
  4. Are you feeling the same as the day when you had a good rest ?
  5. Are you able to go to sleep immediately when you lie down ?

If you had answered “YES” to the above questions, then you can presume that you are in good health.

  1. Is your sleep getting disturbed by constant dreams ?
  2. Due to stress in the evening, is your sleep getting disturbed ?

If you had answered “YES” to the above questions, then you need to pay attention to your health

Next is HUNGER

  1. Are you able to digest easily and get into hunger state ?
  2. Are you eating in moderation ?
  3. Are you eating based on taste and what your mind wants ?
  4. Are there no burps based on what you ate last evening ?
  5. Is the gas passing off properly ?

If you had answered “YES” to the above questions, then you can presume that your health is in good condition.

  1. Are you not feeling hungry on time ?
  2. Are you feeling bloated immediately after eating ?
  3. Are you constantly getting hungry ?
  4. Are you getting acid reflux ?

If you had answered “NO” to the above questions, then you can presume that you are in good health.


  1. Are you feeling like you are putting on weight ?
  2. Are you feeling like you are losing hearing ?
  3. Are you feeling blur in vision ?
  4. You are not able to hold urine and stool ?
  5. You able to perform your daily work without any tiredness ?

If you had answered “YES” to the above questions, then you need to pay attention to your health

Based on the above, you can determine for yourself, if you need to go to a doctor or not !

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