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Ayurveda - An introduction

Ayurveda - An introduction

Ayurveda – Our country medicine

What is Ayur ?

Ayur- wealth – health is fundamental to human life. From early in the morning until you fall asleep in the night, if you maintain a certain discipline, you will live a long life. You will stay healthy. Wealth will consistently expand.

From birth to death – male and female, rich and poor, whichever country you may belong, whichever language you speak – Longevity, Health and wealth, all the three are very important for a good life.

So how should a human live to attain the above 3. How to live disease free ? That which gives us the answer is Ayurveda.

Among the 4 vedas – Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharvana, the Atharvana talks about Ayurveda.

Whatever medicines Ayurveda talks about is inexpensive, easy to prepare and simple. There are several other advantages. There is no side effects to this method. One can clearly see the efficacy of this method.

Long before allopathy medicines came to India, Ayurveda was used everywhere in India. Its origin is India. It is so apt for people born in this land.

Now let us get into technical part of Ayurveda

There are 3 important aspects for a human body to be healthy.
a. Vata
b. Pitta
c. Kapha

The entire existence is ruled by Pancha bhootas – 5 basic elements.
a. Earth
b. Water
c. Fire
d. Wind
e. Space

The 3 aspects which keeps a human in healthy condition is closely associated with the 5 elements. The 3 aspects in association with the 5 elements are intertwined with the existential energy. Using materials from this existential energy we can create various combination of medicines, which we refer to as Ayurvedic medicines. We also call this as fundamental medicines. 

Allopathic medicines have a downside. Every allopathic medicine has an expiry date. Once expired, the medicines turn poisonous. Whereas the ayurvedic medicines are opposite. Overtime, their healing capacity increases. Even though allopathic medicines have healing capacity, they have unwanted side effects. Unlike allopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines do not provide quick relief. But as it soaks into the blood stream, over time, it will heal without any side effects.

Ayurveda defines the discipline that one needs to undertake from the time of waking up until he/she goes to sleep. It gives us a simple to follow schedule to live a healthy life. 

From the time one wakes up, what should a human do ? What should be the first thing he/she should see ? What to do then ? What should not be seen ?

According to Ayurveda – “Palm sugar is called Medicinal sugar”

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How to brush your teeth ? What should you use to brush ? what should not be used ? Why does tooth pain occur ? How to prevent toothache ? What are the different types of tooth ailments ? How to treat them ?

How is saliva created ? What happens when it does not get generated ? What is the use of saliva ?

When to take bath ? What are the things one should not do while taking bath ? What can be used to take bath ? Is oil bath necessary ? What kind of oil is ideal for bath ? What are the benefits of taking oil bath ? Who should not take oil bath ?

How should your breakfast be ? When to take ? What are the things to do and not to do before breakfast ?

What are the ingredients to add in our diet ? What are the different types of diet ideal for different people ? What are the foods that should be avoided ?

Is napping in the afternoon good ? How to recharge oneself by sleeping ? What are the things to do before and after sleep ?

What are the different ailments that happen in the stomach ? Why does it occur and how to prevent it. ?

How to protect your eyes ? What are the different ailments that occur in the eyes ? How to treat them ?

Who is likely to get heart related disease ? Why does blood pressure occur ? What are the different treatments ?

What are the different ailments that occur in ears ?

Memory loss. Why does ailments related to brain occur ? Is mental and brain ailments same ?

Tuberculosis, Cancer, infection – can all these be treated ? Can these be prevented ?

Ayurveda gives you a in-depth knowledge on the above questions. Does ayurveda stand a chance in competing with allopathy ?

Just look up ? Why is this exercise ? When you look up, the vastness of space, that is how the inflation is. Look down the ocean, As it has innumerable creatures yet to be discovered, so is our diseases. Everyday something new crops up. When you stand on land mass i.e earth, is it giving you the answers to the questions ? 

A person’s life is determined by 4 things:
a. Place of growing up
b. Situation that he is growing up in
c. Time
d. his habits and lifestyle

Now let us look little deeper into the above 4 aspects.

Place of growing up: When we say place, it is not just the house. His birth place, growing up place which has undergone several generation evolution. Place to place climatic differences and other geographical changes that determine a person’s life.

Situation that he/she is growing up: the cultural aspects of the place, language, food habits

Time: generational gap that occurs over period of time. Growing gaps in science, advancement in industrialisation, material / wealth access. Our ancestors who were using certain kinds of foods, diseases that were prevalent that time, and the relevant medicines. When we compare, today we discover several new diseases that were unheard of. Advancement in medical research. New foods, culture that have changed over time.

Body build: There is a difference in body characteristics in humans between continents or even countries. Color, height, body structure, food habits, weight vary due to varying reasons.

New types of diseases, new intervention methods and its need also have become necessary which has increased the cost of living. So how do we manage this rising costs ? This is where the importance of place we live in, its soil give us the answers. “Health is Wealth”. Prevention is cure. So how do we prevent from getting chronic ailments ? Disciplined lifestyle, having control over our food and other lifestyle related work will go a long way. Natural medicines are available in plenty around us. We just need to follow a strict practice of using them in our day to day life.

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