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5 home remedies for cold, flu & sore throat

5 home remedies for cold, flu & sore throat

Even when you are at home in bed and off work, being sick is not very enjoyable. Anyone can become unhappy from the mix of body aches, fever, chills, and nasal congestion.

There are several natural cures & home remedies that can reduce your symptoms and restore you to health quite rapidly. Make an appointment with your doctor if, after a few weeks, you're still feeling unwell. Seek medical attention right away if you have difficulty breathing, a rapid heartbeat, feel dizzy, or have other serious symptoms.

Check out various home remedies that you can conjure up for the cold and flu in the following paragraphs.

All of the common colds, flu, and fevers are brought on by viruses. Rhinoviruses are commonly to blame for the ordinary cold and flu. It is highly contagious and can spread through direct or indirect contact. Some of the symptoms are a runny nose, sore throat, body soreness, low temperature, watery eyes, and sneezing. Due to their underdeveloped immune systems, which are incapable of combating the viruses, infants and children are more susceptible to these viruses

  • Honey:

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has regarded honey as the finest gift from nature. The ancient Egyptians employed it as a key anti-bacterial agent to treat cuts and wounds. Honey's antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics aid to heal infants nighttime coughs, promoting sound sleep, and soothing coughs in adults. Due to the danger of botulism, it is not advised for children unde1-year-oldld. By covering the throat, honey also lessens throat sensitivity. Additionally, it offers naturally radiant skin and hair. To use it most effectively for cough relief, combine 1 spoonful of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of warm water.

  • Cinnamon:

An extremely flavorful spice with a long history of use in Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, cinnamon was highly prized in ancient Egypt. A lovely warm cup of cinnamon tea can effectively relieve throat irritation and itching as well as delay the onset of a cold due to its natural anti-bacterial and warming properties. These properties assist treat sore throats, colds, and coughs. Additionally, it functions as a natural treatment for arthritis, bloating, and gas, and it eases PMS symptoms. The ideal approach toutilizee cinnamon for a cold and sore throat is to combine onetablespoonn of honey with half a tablespoon of freshly ground cinnamon, and consume this mixture two to three times per day for three days.

  • Holy Basil:

Holy Basil, also known as "Tulsi," has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stress and anxiety. It has profound religious significance to Hindus. The basil plant's leaves have potent antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory qualities that can be used to treat headaches, sore throats, bronchitis, malaria, fever, and other illnesses. The herbs aid to unclog the respiratory system and eliminate mucus. It also functions well as a natural treatment for arthritis. The ideal approach to using holy basil for colds is to wash, boil, and then gently drink 8–10 leaves with tea.

  • Turmeric:

 Used frequently to treat cuts and wounds, turmeric is well known for its antibacterial properties. Curcumin, a substance found in turmeric, is a potent anti-inflammatory that relieves coughing fits and clears up chest congestion. In addition, it is a powerful antibacterial and antiviral drug that treats colds, coughs, and viral infections. Two teaspoons of turmeric powder combined with a glass of warm water is the recommended dosage for curing colds.

  • Ginger: 

Ginger is one of the main Ayurvedic medicines and has been used for many years to cure a variety of illnesses. It aids in the treatment of bronchitis, chronic cough, and respiratory tract infections. Garlic has a chemical called "Ajoene" that aids in preventing bacterial, viral, and microbiological infections. Additionally, it functions as a natural defense against cancer, notably colon cancer. Additionally, it is utilized to relieve muscle soreness and cramps. By heating up some water in a pan, grating one inch of fresh ginger, and adding it to the water along with two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey, you may make delightful ginger tea that you can sip while lying in bed.

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